The determined the lifespan of most hominids.

The evolution of blond hair is quite interesting. This dates
back to the time when the first hominids lived in Africa. (1) Dark features
were common in Africa because Africa was located right near the equator. Darker
features arise when the body contains more of the pigment melanin. (2) Darker
hair color humans were more common than blond hair humans. As the human
capacity and population increased more and more people from all parts of the
world were born with blond hair. (3) In order for the population to increase
just like species people were always competing to thrive in certain location.  In environments with more sunlight, one would
be more susceptible to skin cancer, whereas in environments with less sunlight,
one would be more susceptible to a vitamin D deficiency. The ability to thrive
in a certain environment determined the lifespan of most hominids. It was
believed that dark features would protect oneself from the harmful ultraviolet
rays in environments with high amounts of sunlight. However, darker hair not
only protected oneself from harmful ultraviolet rays, but also prevented
vitamin D, an essential nutrient from reaching these hominids. This can lead to
a vitamin D deficiency. In Africa, it isn’t an issue because sunlight was
prevalent throughout the place. (4) When these hominids begin to migrate from
Africa to other places, there was not as much pressure to have dark features. More
and more people with different color features and traits began to distribute
throughout the world. You weren’t just seeing darker features, now a mix of
both dark and lighter features were starting to appear. (5) Other areas were
not as close to the equator like Africa was and had minimal sunlight, so light
features begin to appear more often and spread. Those who migrated to areas
with colder climates especially benefited from having light features. Light
features like blond hair allowed these hominids to absorb more Vitamin D and
thrive in their environment. (6) Blonde hair was also seen as attractive and
favorable to suitors because not many in the population had that trait. (7) In
a population, the ability to be adapted to a certain environment will better
suit the person in the future. This brings us back to the darker hair having
the ability to protect one from harmful ultraviolet rays. Having blond hair
would be detrimental in this situation.  (8)
Isolation of humans can be seen when you compare people from Africa and Europe,
African humans have more dark features compared to people from Europe who have
much lighter features. The further you move away from the equator such as Europe,
the more Blond Hair human’s you would presumably see. When you are closer to
the equator darker features appears to be much more common. In conclusion,  we can see that blond hair has to be attached
to the pigment melanin, the location, and the environment condition of the
location that humans eventually migrated to. 


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