The Debate over Gun Control Sample Essay

Crime and guns. The two seem to travel manus in manus with one another. But are the two truly associated? Do guns needfully take to offense? And if so do Torahs puting limitations on firearm ownership and utilize halt the offense or protect the citizens? These are the inquiries many citizens and lawgivers are inquiring themselves when puting approximately to make gun command Torahs. The argument over gun control. nevertheless. is nil new. In 1924. Presidential Candidate. Robert La Follete said. “our pick is non simply to back up or oppose gun control but to make up one’s mind who can have which guns under what conditions. ” Clearly this argument still goes on today and is the really ground for the formation of gun control Torahs.

Guns are highly powerful arms. They can do devastation. injury or even decease. They can be used to support and protect or to endanger and kill. Any manner you look at it. guns are powerful tools. non merely physically but socially. As college pupils it is of import to remain abreast of the current events and issues go arounding our state today. one of which is the controversial issue of gun control. It is highly of import to pay attending to where gun control Torahs are headed. The waies they take non merely impact our state and society but our hereafter every bit good as we all move to communities and get down to raise households.

So why is gun control such a hot argument? Possibly to reply this inquiry it would be of import to look at some cardinal statistics refering pistols in our society. In this state. where about half of all US families own at least one gun. about 30. 000 people die from a gunfire each twelvemonth ( Dahl ) . From this alone it is no admiration gun control is such an of import issue. nevertheless every bit bad as this may look. the figure of piece related incidents have decreased over the old ages. In the early 1990’s the figure of people killed or wounded by pieces soared. Since 1993 nevertheless the US has seen a steady bead in deceases due to firearm ( The Lancet ) . Fatal firearms accidents have declined every bit good. about 40 per centum in the last decennary. and are now at the lowest degrees of all time recorded ( Poe ) . So why the sudden bead? Antigun advocates would wish to impute this to an addition in gun control Torahs while pro gun advocators point to a lessening in unemployment rates along with other societal factors.

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The existent inquiry here is. make gun command Torahs work? From the statistics it would look so. But in order to to the full understand the issue it is of import to first take a expression at the current gun control Torahs that are now in consequence. There are a figure of Torahs both at the federal and the province degree curtailing the sale. purchase and usage of guns. Though they vary from province to province there are some basic federal Torahs which are in affect nationwide. Some of these include that no individual convicted of a offense can have a gun. a individual must be 21 or older to buy a pistol and that “persons who engage in the concern of purchasing or selling pieces must be licensed” ( NRA ) . Possibly one of the Torahs holding the most profound impact late was the passing of the 1993 Brady Handgun Control Act which is now in affect in 32 provinces. This act requires a waiting period for the purchase of a pistol every bit good as background cheque system to guarantee against the ownership of guns by felons.

The effects of gun control Torahs have been extended and far-reaching though they don’t wholly deter people from geting a piece. The Brady Handgun Control Act made it progressively more hard and seeking procedure to buy and have a gun. Gun control advocates say this is non plenty. that although piece related incidents have declined since its passage tougher Torahs are needed or more Acts of the Apostless of firearm force will go on to blight the state. Pro-gun advocators see gun control Torahs as merely a manner for the authorities to command its citizens. The existent argument. for both sides. comes down to who should have a gun and under what limitations should they be able to possess it?

This is an of import inquiry to everyone involved in the issue. and highly of import to society as a whole. Guns play a function in everyone’s lives to some grade. whether it be your ain personal ownership of a hunting rifle or a handgun in the custodies of a young person in your vicinity. We as Americans value our rights to freedoms granted to us by our sires. which includes the ownership of pieces as stated in the Second Amendment. As citizens we must inquire ourselves ; make we truly want gun control Torahs which are created to protect us. to take away our basic rights as citizens?

As such an of import issue. there is a myriad of groups involved in the argument. It is non merely one of pro-gun/anti-gun but instead is one that transcends the usual pro and con argument to go a national issue on a figure of degrees and attacks. three in specific. all with different involvements and positions. These attacks include the political attack the societal attack and the criminalism attack.

The political attack on gun control deals with the issue of Torahs and political organisations that surround the argument. The authorities is where the critical Torahs are made refering gun control. which in bend consequence the full state. and hence is of import to look at as a cardinal participant in the argument.

There are two major sides or parties in the political kingdom that are buttonholing either for or against gun control. These two would of class be the Democrats and the Republicans. the two ruling parties in the state today. The Republicans have long been protagonists of the pro gun motion. mostly due to both their conservative nature every bit good as an increased backup over the old ages by the National Rifle Association. a powerful force in the pro gun motion. During the 2000 elections the NRA gave 92 per centum of its Congressional run parts to the Republicans ( Stell ) . giving the party ample ammunition to advance their cause. Democrats are known to be mostly for gun control but as public support has waned. in portion due to an addition in gun gross revenues after the 9/11 onslaughts so to has the Democrats enthusiasm to convey up the issue. No uncertainty both sides seek to win ballots by appealing to a specific side of the argument. in this instance the Republicans are winning.

Of class one of the chief duties of a authorities is to maintain and protect the basic rights of its citizens every bit good as to do new Torahs that guarantee their safety or good being. This is particularly true in the country of gun control. One of the great arguments in gun control is to whether or non the Second Amendment truly does allow the freedom of firearm ownership to common citizens. Recently. the base on the issue held for about 70 old ages that the amendment granted these rights to merely militia was challenged by Attorney General John Ashcroft. In his Supreme Court filings in 2002 Ashcroft wrote that “the Second Amendment more loosely protects the rights of individuals…to possess and bear their ain pieces. ” ( Tulmulty ) This statement shook the foundation of gun control every bit good as gaining congratulations from pro gun advocators. Citizens are greatly affected by the Torahs enacted by the authorities and it is hoped that they are working in the best involvement of its citizens.

The citizens. of class. are the really nucleus of the issue. the societal side of the argument. The societal attack trades with society and its citizens either working to assist advance or to assist forestall gun control Torahs. As we all know Torahs are merely enacted in this state through the ballot of the people. hence. society as a whole is a powerful force in the gun control argument. In his article “Gun Control and the Regulation of Fundamental Rights” writer Lance Stell states that the “major contention with gun control is to whether having or the purchase of a gun is a important ‘social cause’ of Americas homicide and suicide rate. ” This is of class the really anchor of the gun control argument and an of import ground as to why gun control Torahs are enacted.

There are many groups behind the issue even those of racial association such as the black community. There is no uncertainty that the black community most to a great extent feels the consequence of guns in this state. firearm deceases are about 5 times that of white non-hispanics ( Poe ) . The job is high and is addressed by Earl G. Graves Sr. editor of Black Enterprise. who seeks a solution to the job by paying closer attending to the young person every bit good as taking a “serious base in favour of the transition and enforcement of gun control Torahs. ” But do stricter gun control Torahs guarantee against gun related offense? Most people associate more guns with more force but this is non ever so. Switzerland. which has more per capita firepower than any other state in the universe has lower slaying and robbery rates than England where guns are basically banned ( Poe ) . Here in the US. John Lott writer of More Guns. Less Crime explains that “states sing the greatest decrease in offense are besides the 1s with the fastest turning per centums of gun ownership. ” So make less guns really intend less offense? Possibly to reply that it would be of import to look at another side of the argument. that is. criminalism associated with guns.

Besides taking the guns off from common citizens in order to purportedly guarantee their safety. one of the other chief intents of the gun control Torahs is to guarantee that guns do non make the custodies of felons. However. where there is a will there is a manner and felons frequently see no barriers when geting a gun despite the legion Torahs forestalling their ownership. Such Torahs are known as Dangerous Possessor Gun Control. which prohibits gun ownership for anyone charged or convicted of a offense carrrying more than a annual sentence ( Stell ) . Apparently these Torahs aren’t making much good. The typical liquidator normally has a anterior condemnable history of at least 6 old ages with at least 4 felony apprehensions before he commits slaying ( Poe ) . Phyllis Schafly. president of the Eagle Forum. a pro-family organisation. provinces that gun control advocators frequently “propagate the myth that most of the culprits of force are ordinary citizens instead that felons by trade. ”

So who are the gun control Torahs taking the guns off from? It may be said that if felons know their victims are unarmed they are less likely to be afraid of perpetrating a condemnable act against them. In Canada and England where there is a practical prohibition on guns the burglary rate affecting guns ( known as a “hot burglary ) is about 50 per centum compared to 13 per centum in America ( Poe ) . Of class gun control advocates may differ with the impression that seting guns back into the custodies of citizens would hold the bulk of offenses. Kristen Rand. legislative manager of the Violence Policy Center says that. “Unrealistic scenarios in which felons meekly resignation at the mere sight of a pistol shouldn’t be our usher. Real life is different. ” Clearly the issue over whether gun control Torahs hurt or assist the people they are seeking to protect will be met with eternal argument.

So who is most responsible for the passage of gun control Torahs? The reply is each side. political. societal and condemnable. The connexion can be easy made between the three. It is the condemnable facets of gun control. which cause important societal discord and in turn political action. The net consequence is that all three together are working to either prevent or advance the passage of gun control Torahs. Torahs that have a important impact to every individual on every side of the argument.

It is clear from the figure of groups involved that the argument over gun control will non shortly fade. It is certain that in our life-time we will see important alterations in the current policy covering with the ownership of pieces. It is of import that we pay close attending to this argument seeing as how it will hold a great impact on our lives. Make gun command Torahs help or ache the people the citizens they are seeking to protect? Does ordaining these Torahs take off our cardinal rights as citizens? Think carefully.


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