The Culture of Smart Phone Essay

Smartphones are, without doubt, great pieces of technology, allowing us to do practically anything; shop online, download music, listen to music, send emails, play games, and banking. The most effective example for a business person is that it freed them from the chore of carrying the heavy load and don’t have to look for coffee house that offer Wi-Fi network anymore. So they can check e-mail and surf the Web anytime, anywhere. So the business stand point of view, the companies believed that smartphone could make work more efficient and cut operating costs and provide the Blackberry device for effective response.

However, it was not the Blackberry for general population to have smartphones in recent years but iPhone because of its OS and applications. It was culture shock for the first people to explore the functions such as GPS, Compass and APP stores where I can find the numerous applications what I need it. So the people have it on the wish list and start to using it even though they have to pay a few dollars more than normal cell phone. The other cell phone makers followed by the Apple, as a consequence, people have more choices to have smartphone with same prices they paid.

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The social networks have grown to humongous sizes in recent years. I believe that the smartphones made these social networks more powerful, visible and provide alternative way of communication. There are negative impacts on our daily life such as Privacy issue, 24/7 working environment and exposure to explicit information. Thus the more social studies are required as we exposure to Internet years ago. Nevertheless, I would like to give a credit to technologies and marketers to change my daily lives and believe this is the another step of positive changes.


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