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The civil war was a turning point for many African Americans. The war was being fought so that they could receive their freedom. However many African Americans were still slaves and many were discriminated against joining the Union army. In his speech Alfred Green  uses various methods to encouraged African Americans to not give up and keep fighting for their country. In Green’s first paragraph he brings forth a sense of patriotism. He states ,” ..the love of country, of freedom, and of civil and religious toleration..My country right or wrong I love thee.” Green’s statement is used to remind the African Americans that America is not only the White people’s country but it is also theirs. Green also states that people such as Washington and Jackson and others have failed to bring them their rights and recognize them as citizens.He also brings up the fugitive slave laws and the Dred Scott case to strengthen his argument of the mistreatment they had to face. Green uses these statements to make African Americans to realize that they must fight for their own freedom. This is used to motivate African Americans to fight for their rights by instilling a feeling of patriotism through the idea that the United States is also their country and that they are also citizens. Green attempts to use his sincere diction to motivate and persuade the African Americans to fight against slavery and for their rights together. Throughout the excerpt of his speech Green uses phrases such as “bring us,”  “our duty,” and “let us..” to create a bond with all the African Americans. By doing this he is trying to motivate them by giving them a common goal and dream instead of just ordering them to join the army. Green also provides more incentive for the African Americans by saying “glory achieved by our fathers… true heroism among their sons.” He alludes that fighting for their rights will make a better future for not only themselves but for their family as well. Green also states “your very presence among the troops… would inspire your oppressed brethren of the South..”  Green says by setting an example and joining the army to fight for what they want and believe in, it will serve as inspiration and bring hope to those who are still oppressed. The civil war was a major turning point for African American. The motivating tone of Alfred Green’s persuaded many African Americans to not only want to fight for their rights but to fight for each other and their future by joining the Union army even though they were discourages to do so.


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