The Cold War of the Middle East Essay

Nuclear arms: these are tools capable of monolithic devastation and decease. If the incorrect people obtain such arms. it could take to ruinous effects worldwide. As of right now. Iran is developing arms class U. The Prime Minister of Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu. gave a address to the United Nations in which he presented the advancement of Iran’s uranium enrichment plan to the General Assembly. Netanyahu was quoted in the Weekly Standard stating. “Where’s Iran? Iran’s completed the first phase.

It took them many old ages. but they completed it and they’re 70 % of the manner at that place ; it is merely a few months. perchance a few hebdomads before they get plenty enriched U for the first bomb. ” Iran’s development of atomic arms is a menace to Israel and hence the United States. Israel must take all precautional steps to forestall Iran from completing its atomic plan and this includes military action. If something were non done to forestall Iran from developing atomic arms. so the US would be pulled into a ghastly war with atomic arms.

Presently. Israel is the lone state in the Middle East to hold atomic arms. However. this could all alter by 2013. Iran has been enriching U and is 70 per centum of the manner to doing a atomic missile capable of destructing Israel. Iran’s current leader. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. has been antecedently been quoted in the Jerusalem Post stating that Israel has no topographic point in the “Holy Land” and that Israel is a “fake regime” that “must be wiped off the map” .

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If Iran obtains adequate enriched U. Ahmadinejad’s statement may go a ghastly world. Now one may inquire where the USA plays a portion in this draw in the Middle East. When Israel was created by Britain in 1948. its first ally was the US. and since so. their relationship has enormously strengthened. Now. Israel is more than an ally to the US ; it is a true friend. If Israel were to take military action. it would most decidedly acquire endorsing from the USA.

Now one might reason that the that assailing Iran enables excessively many hazards. Casualties would be high. Iran is a really formidable opposition and besides. countenances against Iran are in topographic point. and all the US and have to make is be Patient However. Israel has already fought multiple wars against legion states in the Middle East. and it has one of the strongest armed forcess in the universe. The state with the strongest military in the universe happens to be Israel’s long clip ally ; the US.

Therefore the US and Israel combined would be more than capable to contend against Iran. If something is non done beforehand to halt Iran’s atomic plan. the effects will be cataclysmal. Besides. even though the countenances have crippled Iran’s economic system. harmonizing to the BBC. these have non even delayed Iran’s atomic plan. The planetary community has drawn a clear ruddy line for Iran. and Iran is inches from traversing that ruddy line. Action must be taken to halt Iran in its paths. The effects of non moving far outweigh the hazard of war.


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