The Cherub series are one of the best series I have ever read Essay

Trudging through the deep snow is Lauren and Bethany two Cherub agents going through Basic training. Basic training is used to teach core abilities of physical fitness and extreme mental endurance. This helps them learn the basic and needy skills of being an undercover spy. While they are doing their training, Lauren’s brother, James, is getting into trouble… again. The Cherub series are one of the best series I have ever read. After reading the first few pages I just couldn’t stop reading. Most books bore me after the first few pages, but Maximum Security was totally the opposite. It is hilarious, interesting and full of action.

Hilarious, because James the main character of the book was bowling with one of his best mates (friend), Kyle. He was winding as if he was a professional bowler. He slowly let go and then and missed. After that these tough sixteen year olds who were bowling near James’ lane threw a cup full of ice that went down his shirt. This is where the action comes in. James gets mad and starts a fight with the malicious teens. James knocks out the leader and then the followers circled him trying to take him out. James’ friends Gabrielle, Kyle and the twins Callum and Connor come to his aid and take out the remaining hooligans.

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This is exactly what happened to me two years before. I was at school playing basketball with my friends when some older kids came up to me and tried to cause trouble. I gave them a warning but they wouldn’t back off. I kicked one guy in the guts and then they tried to ambush me. Luckily, my friends and I knew enough martial art skills to defend ourselves. So, we engaged in a hand to hand fight. When the grown ups came we explained everything and the malicious adolescents ran away. I would love to be James. He is strong, smart and physically fit. He also is one of the best Cherub agents too.

Every time he goes on a mission he always comes back with a great award. With that most people respect and look up to him. I really look forward on a continuing this book because I can’t wait to see what mission James is going to be sent on next. His missions are always so exciting. Just reading make me want to imagine that there is really a secret organization called Cherub that are really using kids to spy on world class criminals. According to the title of the book: Maximum Security, I think that the mission that James is going to break in someplace with very high Security. I hope that there will be more books such as this one.


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