The Champion Bread-maker Sample Essay

Have you of all time eaten the staff of life made by the title-holder baker—Wu Bao-chun ( ??? ) ? Wu Bao-chun was born in a small town in Pingtung in 1969. When he was 12. his male parent died. His female parent had to raise all of her 8 kids entirely. In 1986. he left place and started to work at a bakeshop to assist his household. He was so hard-working that he could be good at baking. In March 2010. he joined an international baking competition in Paris. “Les Masters de la Boulangerie ( The Bakery Masters Championship ) . ” He beat the contestants from 7 other states and won the rubric of “Top Bread-maker in the universe 2010. ” In November 2010. Wu Bao-chun opened his ain bakeshop. Now he is celebrated as the top bread-maker and becomes a successful bakeshop proprietor. Wu Bao-chun is a good illustration to immature people on how to be successful by making one thing over and over once more. That is pattern makes perfect. Taiwan’s Future Leaders

The LV of the Bread World
Back from the Bakery Masters in Paris with an award-winning staff of life formula. maestro baker Wu Pao-chun is determined to assist Taiwan’s baking profession keep its caput up high.

After Wu Pao-chun captured the Master Baker award in the bread class at the Bakery Masters in Paris in March 2010. he pledged to give himself to promoting the quality of Taiwan’s baking industry.

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He rapidly went on to demo that his aspiration was more than merely rhetoric. sing Taichung and Kaohsiung in a show of gratitude for winning the award and publically uncovering the formula that earned him the esteemed award. In forepart of jammed audiences of more than 100 industry equals and nutrient providers in the two metropoliss. Wu demonstrated the proper technique for working dough and explained how to command temperature and clip in the bread-making procedure. Those in attending were allowed to enter the full public presentation on camera.


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