The Book of Micah Essay

BOOK REPORTING: “THE BOOK OF MICAH” Author: The author of the Book of Micah was the Prophet Micah (Micah 1:1). Date of Writing: The Book of Micah was likely written between 735 and 700 B. C. Purpose of Writing: The message of the Book of Micah is a complex mixture of judgment and hope. On the one hand, the prophecies announce judgment upon Israel for social evils, corrupt leadership and idolatry. This judgment was expected to culminate in the destruction of Samaria and Jerusalem. On the other hand, the book proclaims not merely the restoration of the nation, but the transformation and exaltation of Israel and Jerusalem.

The messages of hope and doom are not necessarily contradictory, however, since restoration and transformation take place only after judgment. Key Verses: Micah 1:2, “Hear, O peoples, all of you, listen, O earth and all who are in it, that the Sovereign LORD may witness against you, the Lord from His holy temple. ” oMicah means ‘Who is like Jehovah’ or ‘Who is like Jehovah? ’ oMicah is a contemporary with Isaiah. Can’t tell if one copied or collaborated together. oTime of Jotham, Ahaz, Hezekiah – 758-698 B. C. oMessage to both Northern and Southern Kingdoms (Israel and Judah). Theme: Book of Righteousness of God oMicah had a simple life while Isaiah of nobility. oMicah’s key verse: He has told you, O man, what is good; And what does the LORD require of you But to do justice, to love kindness, And to walk humbly with your God? (Micah 6:8). oNew Testament key verse: “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you. (Matthew 6:33). Audiences: Micah wrote to both the northern kingdom of Israel and the southern kingdom of Judah/Jerusalem; nevertheless, the southern nation of Judah was his primary audience.

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Structure:At the broadest level Micah can be divided into three roughly equal parts:[9] oJudgement against the nations and their leaders (chapters 1-3, probably the only section containing original material from the 8th century prophet);[10] oRestoration of Zion (chapters 4-5, probably exilic and post-exilic, together with the next section);[10] oGod’s lawsuit against Israel and expression of hope (chapters 6-7). Brief Summary: The prophet condemns the rulers, priests, and prophets of Israel who exploit and mislead the people. It is because of their deeds that Jerusalem will be destroyed.

The prophet Micah proclaims the deliverance of the people who will go from Jerusalem to Babylon and concludes with an exhortation for Jerusalem to destroy the nations who have gathered against her. The ideal ruler would come from Bethlehem to defend the nation, and the prophet proclaims the triumph of the remnant of Jacob and foresees a day when Yahweh will purge the nation of idolatry and reliance on military might. The prophet sets forth a powerful and concise summary of Yahweh’s requirement for justice and loyalty and announces judgment upon those who have followed the ways of Omri and Ahab.

The book closes with a prophetic liturgy comprising elements of a lament. Israel confesses its sin and is assured of deliverance through Yahweh’s mighty acts. Foreshadowings: Micah 5:2 is a Messianic prophecy quoted when the magi were searching for the king born in Bethlehem (Matthew 2:6). These kings from the East were told that from the tiny village of Bethlehem would come forth the Prince of Peace, the Light of the world. Micah’s message of sin, repentance and restoration finds its ultimate fulfillment in Jesus Christ who is the propitiation for our sins (Romans 3:24-25) and the only way to God (John 14:6).

II. REFLECTION: “WARNINGS TO THE CITIES OF JUDAH (1:8-16) This story in the book of Micah, canbe reflected in my own life. My parents always warn me to be careful in everything I do. Once they told me not to bad things, like stealing, lying, and cheating. But still, somehow, I did not heed their warnings, so I did some terrible things, I lied, I cheated in our house and sometimes at school. I was really stubborn. I thought that these horrible things that I have done can be tolerated by my parents and teachers. I had a notion that sometimes, I have to do it, because life without sins is somehow boring.

I ignored the examples that were right in front of my eyes. I did not paid attention to the warnings, and advices of my parents, and the mirrors of life that can be found in the movies, stories and novels. No sooner or later, I have been judged by God, by my parents, teachers and friends. I was punished by them, like for example doing the household chores, I got scolded and many more. At first I assumed that they didn’t love me anymore that why they are punishing me. I thought that they want me to suffer. At that time, I felt alone and cold and ashamed. I pity my self for being in such state.

I thought I’m in the maze of life with no light, but I was again wrong. I noticed that even in darkness, someone’s following me and guiding me. I did not saw his face but I felt his arms. I felt that he was really directing me in the maze from the beginning to the end. It was God. His guidance is full of love and mercy. I know that he wants me to change and move on. I SAW HOPE. When I saw the light I realized, “Why go and suffer, feel all the pain, and misfortunes of life when they can be learned in the easy way. ” I can feel that I am one of his chosen people.

After that I changed, I didn’t do bad things anymore, I also forgive from then on and ii learn to love even those who punished me. I also learned that I am the master of my fate and I am the captain of my soul. Therefore, I have responsibility over my actions. I KNOW NOW THAT I ACQUIRE GOD’S FAVOR AND HEED TO ALL THE WARNINGS OF LIFE. Practical ApplicationLessons: No. 1 :God gives warnings so we will not have to suffer His wrath. Judgment is certain if God’s warnings are not heeded and His provision for sin in the sacrifice of His Son is rejected.

For the believer in Christ, God will discipline us—not from hate—but because He loves us. He knows that sin destroys and He wants us to be whole. This wholeness which is the promise of restoration awaits those who remain obedient. No. 2: THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE FROM GOD. No. 3:” we am the master of our fate: we am the captain of our soul. “ we all have responsibilities with our selves. No. 4: In acquiring God’s Favor. We only have to be just, merciful, loving and humble in our walk with God.


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