The Best Hospital Stay Essay

The Best Hospital Stay I have been to the hospital quite a few times in my life, for various reasons: sinus infections, broken bones, for medical testing, and emergency room visits. None of those visits compare to the times I have been in labor. I have been to the labor and delivery ward quite a few times and my reaction upon arrival has always been the same: ____fright. The very first time I went to the delivery ward was probably the scariest time of all. I was only seventeen years old about to give birth and become a new mom.

I had already been to the hospital earlier that day and the doctor told me I would probably be back that evening to have my baby. It was in October and it was freezing cold outside. The ride to the hospital seemed like the longest ride of my life. It was dark and rainy and the raindrops made so much noise as they hit the windshield. When we finally reached the front of the hospital, I almost jumped out before my mom stopped the car. As I walked up to the front counter of the hospital, where I had just been only hours before, this time seem so much different.

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The hospital was huge. I figured I never noted this before because it was always crowed. This time it was two o’ clock in the morning and there were hardly any people in the lobby. I noticed how low the counter sat as I reached and tried to lean on it to keep myself from falling. The security guard realized why I was panting and hummin because he never asked me any questions he just got me a wheel chair and rolled me up to Labor and Delivery. The floors of the hospital were so bumpy and dirty and the hallways were winding and long.

Once the nurse opened the door to the labor and delivery ward and I finally laid eyes on that part of the hospital I was so terrified that I almost screamed. The first thing I heard was a woman screaming as if someone was killing her. There were all kinds of beeping and alarm noise going off everywhere. People were darting back and forth like chicken with their heads cut off. I was wheeled into a room that was so small it could have been a closet and as told to take all my clothes off and sit on the table.

No one came to check on me for what feel like forever so finally I started to scream and in sprints a nurse. She did not even ask me what was wrong she just laid me back and proceeded to hook my up to machines and monitors. I was in so much pain I could even talk properly because I was crying hysterically. All I remember was her asking me did I want an epidural. I shook my head yes over and over again. I was rolled into a different room to have my epidural done. This room was very bright and cold.

The room had a lot of surgical materials in it and smelled like some kind of cleaning agent. There were no windows and had a gloomy feel to it. I was really glad I was in and out of there really quick. After getting my epidural I was wheeled to what was labeled as the delivery room. I was put in a different bed in which the bottom of the bed was detachable. The room had a television in it and some pretty wallpaper in it. It reminded me of a hotel room and made me feel more relaxed and less frightened.

The night seem to calm down a lot as I contracted to ten centimeters but once I reached it and it was time to push I remained in the same room and atmosphere seemed to change drastically and very quickly. All kinds of carts were brought into the room, the bed was broke down, lights were turned up high and everyone put on mask and gloves. My heart started to race again. It was as if this hotel room I was laying in now was an operating room. The mood in the room was very serious. Until the baby cried and there was not a dry eye in the room. Everyone was so happy and hugging and kissing each other.

The doctors walked around so proud and excited to. Everyone was talking and laughing and rejoicing because a new life had just began in that room. To this day when I think about going to a hospital, to this day I still feel anxious not matter the reason. The dreadful smells and unpleasant sight of injured people makes my stomach upset but I also can not help but remember how a hospital visit is also where of the most unforgettable things happen to me too. I became a mother in a hospital. Even though hospitals frighten me they also make me feel happy when I think of that visit to the delivery room..


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