The Aquino Administration: a Fail Sample Essay

Trade and Education are two different footings unless denationalization and commercialisation of public instruction persists. This had been a changeless conflict of those who contradicts the passing out of State Universities and Colleges ( SUCs ) to private corporation. This seems to be manner of the Aquino disposal in apologizing and increasing school fees through foreign entities. As pupil. who surveies at a State University. who lives without a female parent and a male parent and dependent merely of scholarships. I take in hazards over these unsafe ideals and move of the authorities. Our state continues to endure from ‘foreign ideologies’ from the custodies of the liberalists’ and capitalists’ heads who view Filipino instruction as marketable. It can ne’er be nor it has non to be stone-lifted experimentation. Every determination with stead of it is at my extreme concern as young person who got dreams in front. Visualizing out. this denationalization of SUCs wil merely stop up to the lessening of registration and so employment. What this issue has is the embarking out of possibilities of winning planetary competitiveness-frozen to the lowest appendages.

This societal and constitutional map of instruction bend to market and trade good one has to fight ( a batch ) to hold. therefore. supplying pupils and their parents heavier loads in go oning higher instruction. If the authorities takes this as door of investings. they should be reminded that this is instruction. more than clearer off from market economic systems. Denationalization of SUCs is non democracy. Our fundamental law defies it as public good and right. This rebelliousness of the fundamental law is being carried out by SUCs and this is an issue of unconstitutionality and antipeople. Once it full takes consequence. instruction will chew over as privileges. Simply because rights are protected and ensured by public entities. privileges are for private entities. I am one of the more than 60 per cent third pupils in the state enrolled in public universities. Reasons I have are glued to fiscal easeness. even ignoring quality instruction. This is a sad note of despair of the Filipinos to instruction. Fiscal affairs ( every bit low as possible ) is the extreme consideration.

What less can we take if public universities’ fees be leveled to those of the privates’ ? This despair I have will certainly be outspoken to nil. to no-hope or to a point of give uping my ain dreams. I consider this move of Aquino clears the manner of selling the youth’s hereafter. Making SUCs profitable through private involvements will give Philippine Education system a newer. but much less accesible characteristics. This is a great factor to the stationariness of the young person like me prosecuting their ‘great’ dreams. That one time instruction becomes even much less accesible to each. most Filipinos’ idea of being employed is every bit impossible as winging without wings. I urge my fellow pupils to be bothered with this. Education is for everyone and this speaks for societal equity among Filipinos. The authorities should concentrate on doing SUCs even more accesible. increasing budgets and making plans relevant to the development of instruction. Be non deaf and insensitive to our voices and calls when it goes like instruction is a skyscraper. less low-cost. less accessible and less for us. the common mans.

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