Terroism: The Struggle for Peace Essay

Terrorism: The Struggle for Peace In all corners of the world, terrorists pose a constant threat to the everyday life of millions. Despite the best tortes to nations around the world, the struggle to end terrorism is held back by a lack of understanding of terrorist organizations and their goals. If leaders of the world unite to better understand what these organizations desire, the struggle for power would come to an end. Leaders must put their selfish desires aside and come together for the good of all. AY Qaeda, HAMS and AFAR claim the titles of the three largest and most powerful terrorist organizations In the world.

All three of these organizations have different reasons for their behavior, deferent intentions with their attacks and different goals they are striving to reach. Better knowledge of what drives each organization will result In an end to the struggle for peace, Al- Qaeda is the most powerful terrorist organization In the world. The AY-Gilda originated In 1988. In Arabic, the word Al-Salad means the base or the foundation. They believe that they are the foundation of reviving the Islamic religion. Al-Salad is founded on extremist Sunnis Islamic principles.

When the organization started, it was added by Osama Bal-Laden. Since the assassination to Bal-Laden In 2011 , the organization has continued to thrive and carry out its mission. After the death of Bin- Laden it is believed that the Al;Salad is less than finished (Gillis). In addition to upsetting the Al-Qaeda in killing their leader, the amateur groups that the Al-Qaeda assists also are seeking revenge for the death of Bin-Laden_ The power of the Al- Salad directly relates to Its colossal size. Today, the Al- Gilda are stronger today than they ever have been before (Farrell).

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What started as a small organization entered in Iraq has grown into a massive organization that is spread throughout many countries. The presence of Al-Salad haunts many parts of the Middle East, some parts of Africa and a small area of Southern and Southeast Asia. Whispers and conspiracies lead experts to believe the AY Qaeda operates their organization in a hierarchy: the core, d branch, d franchise and a subsidiary. Despite popular belief, they AY-Qaeda did not form a coherent terrorist network: however they provide funds, contacts and advice to Islamic militant groups they have stationed all over the world (Burke).

Dispersing the AY-Gilda power reinforces their presence throughout the world. As it is now nearly impossible to take down all of the organization down at once. Spreading out the organization and its power ensures that the Al-Qaeda will remain a constant global threat. The global threat the Al-Qaeda poses helps to assist them in reaching their goal. The ultimate goal of the Al- Salad is to drive all non-lilacs people from the Middle East, destroy all apostate regimes and revive the Islamic religion (Crueler).

Under the rule of Caliphs, this Islamic nation would have no borders and it would be free of on; Muslims as well as westerners. Through who they target the AY Salad has made it blatantly clear that they do not want westerners to be a part to their world. In February of 1998 the Al-Qaeda stated their main target is US Citizens and all of their allies In Dalton to Jews and Christians (Clarke). The only way to achieve what they forms of attack include bombings, hijackings, suicide attacks and assassinations.

They have been linked to the following attacks: Madrid train bombings in 2004, World Center attacks in 2001 and 1993, truck bombings in Kenya in 1998, Morocco in 2003 ND an attack on the US Cole near Yemen in 2002. The people who make up their military make these actions possible. To these people, it is an honor to die in the name of the Al-Qaeda. Individual heroism is important because they believe they leave the world spreading their religion, therefore making it a better place. Similar to the Al-Qaeda, HAMS was also founded in the name of the Islamic religion.

Islam is the main factor that connect HAMS and its counterparts. Arabic words that mean Islamic Resistance movement form the acronym HAMS. In 1987 HAMS was founded by Aimed Haskins, Abide Aziza al- Rainiest and Mohammad That. The start of this organization was sparked by the First Initiate, a Palestinian and Israeli uprising over control of the Palestinian territories. Israel has failed to keep HAMS out of the country and its politics (Pertain). Twenty years later, the HAMS organization has come into power in the Palestinian parliament.

In 2007, the HAMS had seventy-six members voted into the house, putting them in power (Zones). With this win over Fatal, a rival political party, HAMS proved themselves to be more than a terrorist organization. Despite their position in the Palestinian government HAMS s still considered a terrorist organization by Canada, Japan, Israel, the European Union and the United States. HAMS was founded in the Islamic religion, and religion remains central in everything they do. HAMS uses politics and violence to reach their goal of establishing an Islamic-Palestinian state located in Israel (Clarke).

The ideology believes that the Palestinian territory should be occupied by only Muslims. HAMS advocated and engages in violence and terror in order to destroy the state of Israel and replace it with an Islamic state (Studded). The attacks are not random and either are the victims. They frequently attack on religious holidays, knowing that where they attack will have more people so more lives are ended. They want to cause the most damage possible and be responsible for the most loss. Israel has remained the main target of the HAMS since the organization started.

They target rivals from the political group Fatal and Palestinian collaborators. In addition to political fugues, HAMS targets families vacationing as well as children in schools. They have never threatened the US, but due to their massive army and potential to attack, they remain listed threat. HAMS attack methods are brutally violent, as they use their massive and powerful military to their fuel their attacks. The majority of their attacks have been suicide bombings. Although they still have not established their Palestinian state, but their attacks have disturbed peace and caused the death of hundreds of people.

Unlike HAMS and Al-Qaeda, AFAR is not a religious based organization. AFAR is an acronym for Freezers Armadas Revolutionaries De Colombia, or Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia. AFAR as the main obstacle to national progress in Columbia and as converted Columbia into one of the most violent countries in Latin America. The original purpose of AFAR was to serve as the military wing of the Columbian communist party. Today, AFAR is a member of the Marxist party. The organization’s state. The organization was founded on May 27, 1964 by peasants who wanted to be represented in the Columbian government.

Columbia has one of the world’s largest gaps between the rich and the poor and the second most internally displaced population (Ban]AK). AFAR claims to be representing the poor of rural Columbia in the fight to earn them a voice in the Columbian government. However, the conflict has been a class struggle distorted by the drug trade where the principal victims have been civilians (Britain). The defining point of AFAR is their heavy involvement in drug trafficking. Trafficking started as a way to fund their attacks but has grown to be the center of the organization.

In addition to drug trafficking, they also participate in bombings, murder, mortar attacks, kidnapping, extortion, hijacking, guerilla, warfare, taxation, and cultivation (Clarke). These attacks are targeted at Columbian officials as well as foreign citizens. The most shocking target of AFAR is civilians, who make more than two thirds of their death toll. Their criminal action accounts for over eight billion dollars of damage yearly. Despite peace talks with the Columbian government, the group has yet to stop their horribly violent attacks.

However, in the past decade AFAR has considerably downsized cutting its number of rebels nearly in half (Agency). This dramatic decrease in rebels has come from the government enforcing more a more aggressive military policy on the organization. Al-Qaeda, HAMS, and AFAR all pose a serious threat to the little peace that is left in the world. However, HAMS and AFAR pose little threat to the Unites States. Despite the massive military power of HAMS, they have never attacked, threatened, or stated the United States as a target.


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