Telengana sparks Essay

Talladega sparks fresh debate on reorganization of Indian states The reorganization of the various states in India took place based on the language soon after the independence. With the setting up of States Reorganization commission in 1953,it was based on the languages when a final call was made. Before independence British, based on their ease of administration, had put up boundaries. However these states was multi cultural and multi lingual. So soon after independence need was felt to first unite people of similar culture and same languages.

States based on lines of languages became the units of administration and it was easier mode of integration. Also the aim of spreading education and literacy became easier through their mother tongues. Initially 14 states and 6 centrally administered territories were formed. However since independence one movement that had kept the fire burning for a separate state was Talladega. Andorra under the banner of their language Deluge was formed including the Hydrated ninja administered regions and regions from Madras after indefinite starve to death by Sartorial.

However there was widespread opposition to merge Talladega with Andorra as the people of this region felt the need for a separate state inspire of the fact that the language was same. There was opposition to the merging of Hydrated with Andorra. People feared that with merging into Andorra, Talladega would be left behind in development, the leaders would not be given chance to stand up for their people, there would be bias towards leaders and people of Talladega. So the gentleman’s agreement was made between the Andorra and Talladega leaders to give some regional powers to them.

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But the agreement was not implemented to its true spirit and the protests persisted. People of Talladega felt left behind in the process of development and so demeaned for a separate administration unit. Alienation and under-development of the region led to protests and demand for new state. This situation was politically exploited by politicians for their own benefits. Political parties used the sentiments of the people to get votes and win elections. Instead of aiming at development of region, the issue was turned for vote banks and win elections.

Dividing Andorra may lead to lot of chaos and confusion with regard to water and power sharing between the two regions. Administratively lot of base work will be needed to be done for the setting up of a working government. All this will cost lot on the exchequer. But will all this yield the required results? Well only time can tell. Because there is no proof that a smaller state is a better administered state. For example Shorthand, which has not had a stable government since its formation.

There have been so much loss of life, property and peoples sentiments is at stake hat we need to ask the question that is such demands for new states really feasible? India is a land of diversity in languages, cultures and customs. So the question to be asked is how many more such smaller states will be carved out to occupy each and every set of peoples demands? Dividing a state Just to occupy all communities demand is not the only solution. We need look out for better answers. We cannot go on to divide the states as per our demands. The reorganization took place on the lines of culture and language.

But now within same language and similar culture We must rather focus on the administration inside each state, where all regions are given equal importance and representation. Care must be taken so that the people of own states do not feel alienated in their own states. This can happen when all get equal say in administration and get to focus on development of their regions equally because if we look at all the demands, then one thing is common that people of some regions have felt left behind in the process of development of other regions.


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