Teen Drivers Essay

Today drivers are accumulating more and more unsafe habits with their vehicles. In my family numerous of people have bad driving habits from my grandpa to my cousin. A lot of them tend to constantly forget about safe driving habits. Although some realize they have these problems most still continue to break laws and put the people they love or don’t even know lives in Jeopardy. We all know that a door unlocked is a quick access to your vehicles. Messiah a cousin of mine learned the first rule when having a car. Never leave your car doors unlocked.

Most people Just hop out their car with no worries. One normal day she took her kids to a local convenience store. Upon arriving at the store she noticed a man acting strange. Of course she ignored him and went it the store. As soon as she went in to the convenience store the man attempted to get in the car. Luckily her 14 year old son was watching his surroundings. He was able to lock the door when the mad attempted to open the door to take the car. One of the biggest things drivers are doing wrong today is leaving their keys in their cars.

Met grandfather tends to get out car all the time n leave his keys behind. Him being a forgetful person he tends to leave his keys in the car all the time. Thinking his car was safe unlocked with the keys on the seat. He decided to take a nap. When he finally awaken he seen that “Barney’ what he call his truck was gone. The neighborhoods told him the car was towed away by an an unmarked tow truck. He later found out what happen to his truck. His truck was not only stolen but it was taken to a scrap yard and broke down for money.

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No one received a thief charge cause the left his keys an his door unlocked. Many people are constantly wanting to text and drive on a daily basis. As illegal as it is you would think more wouldn’t continue to do it anyways. As if they can’t wait till they get to the destination, or if they can not stop there vehicle to text the person that is going to cause there life. This is a world-wide issue that is very popular amongst the people. Countless ads are being made to encourage drivers today not to text and drive. There have been more than over a million deaths and injuries due to exiting and driving.

Numerous commercials where families show what their son or daughter was trying to text before the got into an accident which took they life or injured them. Drivers who text and drive are not only putting themselves in Jeopardy but they are putting people who have safe driving habits at stake. You can be driving on a long road with no car thinking it is okay to text while driving. All of a sudden a car comes and in the middle of a text your car veers to the next lane hitting the car taking whom ever is in the cars life.

Today I would say there is so many issue when talking about bad driving habits. Some of the bad habits are simple mistakes they can be corrected. Irresponsible people are leaving their doors unlocked in public places and getting there cars stolen. Teenagers as well as adults are dying from irresponsible testing while driving. This is causing more and more commercials over the subject to arise. Some things as simple as taking your keys when you leaving you vehicle unattended ,locking your door, or not testing and driving can fix your bad habits.


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