Technology opening up a browser and again

Technology is focused on making our life easier. When the
iPhone Introduces Siri its Voice assistant it marked an era of a more popular
and usefulness of having a cool assistant of your own. Increase in demand and
popularity had forced developers to make voice assistant apps such as Alexa for
Amazon, Cortana for Microsoft, but the greatest among them stands, the Google
Voice Assistant. It is powered with an Artificial Intelligence to learn and
adapt to the users. It is available on all android devices running Android
version 6.0 or above and even has an iOS version for Apple Users, how
convenient isn’t it. We will further discuss the uses of google Voice Assistant


Someone listening to your command is cool, imagine your
assistant unlocking your phone on your command, how better can it get. Yes!
Googles Voice Assistant gets its life from your voice, just say “ok google” and
there it comes alive and ready to serve you. Just long press the home button
and say “ok google- open whatsapp” it immediately analyse and open the app for
you, similarly you can open any app installed on your phone like this. Ask your
assistant to google Image search of whatever you want, it directly opens up the
images from the internet without even having to bother about typing. Imagine
you want to search about JEE Main 2018 Admit card or NEET 2018 Results, forget
about the conventional way of opening up a browser and again opening up google
and then typing the word to search for what you need.  Google Assistant do all that for you, just
give your command and be surprised because it makes our life easier.

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Voice search is one of the most convenient feature a
technology can offer. Like Iron man commanding Jarvis to run a test or play
music open a file, even you can do that but in a less advanced way, you might
say CBSE Mains to your assistant but it may hear CSE Manes, but worry not, its
evolving, adapting to serve you better than you could ever Imagine. Google
assistant is like your PA, it can suggest you were to drink, eat, dance or
shop, all you have got to do is ask.


Forget about Restaurants it can even suggest a vacation spot
and can serve as a virtual travel planner and again all you have to do is ask.
It can even cue up your favourite Netflix shows, you just have to say “play the
punisher on Netflix”, it can get a little confusing to the assistant if
different shows or movies run under same name, so beware about that, you don’t
want to end up watching a wrong show for sure. Everyone is lazy about reading
newspaper, it’s even better if someone could read that out to you, google
assistant just does that too.


Make google assistant show you live sports score, make it
your weather forecaster, play music, look up emails and appointments, set
reminders, as google to jog your memory, give it your shopping list, send
messages, check your smart home thermostats, turn on and off your connected
electronic devices, get motivational quote, play a game with it, translate to
other languages, and what not  you can
even strike up a conversation between google assistant and believe me it’s
really funny and I have always wondered how does it manages to bring up those
witty replies, c’mon it will even sing happy birthday for you all at the
control of your voice and fingertip. Technology is advancing, all we have to make
sure is to use them for the good.



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