Technology Has Affected People Essay

Technology Has Affected people’s Life In the 21st century, technology changes faster and faster, which gives people more convenience. For example, cars, cell phones, computers that all play important roles in the people’s life. Today, a lot of people know that technology has affected many aspects of people’s life, especially family of relationship and means of transportation. First, because of technology’s development, family of relationship becomes closer, even though they are far away from each other. In the recent, more and more students leave their home and go to study by themselves in the foreign country.

No matter how busy students are, they find any ways to communicate about their life and study. Due to cell phones and Internet revolution, it is more convenience for students to connect with their parents. The simplest way is that call the phone whenever you want to. What’s more, students can use MSN or QQ to connect with their parents and friends if students have Internet. That not only is flesh and cheap for students, but also satisfy of students’ wish that they want to meet their parents and friends because students can meet their parents and friends face to face on the Internet.

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Second, because of technology’s development, transportation has an enormous change. I remember my grandparents said that they needed to walk by themselves when they were children because there is few bike in their time, so they had never left their city when they were chirdren. When I was a child, bikes began to be popular in public life. People could take bikes to go farther place. Later, cars, ships, airplanes enter in public life, people spent a hour going to play in other city by car, they can spent 6 hours from the South of China to the North by train , they can just spent 12 hours from China to USA. –


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