Technology Exam Essay

Frozen Vegetables [pick]Stuffing Question 3:You decide to make some chicken noodle soup with one can of condensed chicken noodle soup and one can of water. How many calories would there be in one cup of chicken noodle soup that has been prepared with water, plus 10 crackers? CPA]120 CPA]240 [apt]180 [apt]400 Question 4:This milk chocolate bar with almonds makes a wonderful treat, but how much of your daily limit for saturated fat would come from this chocolate bar if you normally eat 2000 calories per day? [pick] Question 5:You are on a low Carr diet.

This low-Carr chocolate bar with almonds is not very big, so you decide to eat three of them to soothe your chocolate craving. If you are eating around 2000 calories per day, these three bars will provide what percentage of the fat you should eat for the whole day? [pick] B. Shade the correct answer | 1 . Herbal supplements are regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration to make sure that they satisfy all claims that the [pick]True [pick]False I I manufacturers make for them 2. What smell made some research subjects feel more vigorous and less frustrated tit their exercise workouts?

I I [pick]spaghetti I I [pick]peppermint 1 13. Which of these DO NOT effectively block sunshine? [pick]SSP 20 sunscreen I I [pick]Light, open-weave fabric I I [pick]sun-protective clothing I I [pick]unbleached cotton [pick]prunes I [pick]bread I [pick]strawberries I I [pick]raspberries 1 15. Herbal teas have higher antioxidant properties than regular varieties false? I I[Pipette I I [pick]False 1 16. Which method is NOT a good way to avoid environmental pollution? [pick]stay indoors I I [pick]stay away from secondhand smoke I I [pick]get lots of fresh air

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I I [pick]use efficient furnace filters 17. What is a good way to get through a lack of exercise motivation? [pick]willpower I [pick]Join the army I I [pick]eat out more often I I [pick]have strategies in place – true or 1 18. Exercising in smaller increments (10 minutes or more) several times a day adds up – true or false? 1 19. Exercise will NOT help you do what? [pick]burn fat I [pick]manage stress hormones I muscle I I [pick]train your dog 1 110. A medicine ball is what? [pick]a tea container I I [pick]an Amazon basketball I leather bag filled with herbs I I [pick]an exercise tool


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