Technology and Bullying Essay

I don’t know much about the subject I chose and I have ne’er personally experient intimidation or cyber strong-arming myself. I have. nevertheless. seen on the intelligence and read about cyber intimidation and the turning tendency it is going. I remember a really specific instance that happened two old ages ago at Rutgers University where a closeted-gay college student’s roomie in secret videotaped him executing sexual Acts of the Apostless. The roomie so released the picture on the Internet and the homosexual college pupil committed suicide two yearss subsequently. The instance had merely finished last month and the suspect was found guilty of a hatred offense and sentenced to 30 yearss in gaol. This decidedly caught my involvement toward cyber intimidation and I started to take notice that it is go oning often across the state. I besides know that presently forty-nine provinces have an anti-bullying jurisprudence in consequence. Part II – What I Want to Find Out

From the research. I want to happen out how engineering is lending to cyber intimidation. or strong-arming. * How often do pupils bully other pupils?
* When and where did the first instances of cyber strong-arming take topographic point? * Is it merely in the United States that cyber strong-arming exists? * Can strong-arm be prevented. and if so. how?
Part III – The Search
The word “bullying” is defined as utilizing strength or influence to intimidate person. coercing them to make what one wants. It is besides used as a subject in many kids and adolescent books such as Oliver Twist and The Chocolate War. Bullying has been about for every bit long as anyone can retrieve. perchance since the age of humanity began. However. merely late has intimidation caught the attending of the populace and scientific community. Dan Olweus. a Norse research worker. emerged with the first scientific surveies on intimidation in the seventiess. Bullying is now acknowledged throughout the universe as an issue among kids and young person. and research on the subject is increasing ( Hymel.
and Swearer ) .

There is still scientific difference as to the nature of intimidation and why it begins. There are a battalion of grounds why person feels the demand or desire to bully another individual. Nevertheless. most research workers believe the aggression starts with desiring to do calculated injury to the victim. holding the strong-arming occur repeatedly. and the difference of power between the bully and the victim ( Olweus 422 ) . One of the grounds may be because the individual behind the intimidation feels a “sense of power” when they harass person. They like to go dominant in this state of affairs and if the victim does go submissive. the bully feels as if they’ve fulfilled their end and may reiterate this procedure for a long clip. Another ground may be that the bully wishes to befriend and experience near with the victim ; to hold a sense of belonging. As Dagmar Strohmeier provinces in her article Bullying and its Underlying Mechanisms. “If this want for association is a motivation for strong-arming. the victim plays an of import function in set uping and keeping group coherency. If the torment of the victim leads to a closer bond within the strong-arming group. the culprit reaches his end and the negative behaviour is reinforced. ” Equally long as the victim is still submissive. the bully will invariably hassle them until the bully is content ( Strohmeier ) .

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When thought of strong-arming. normally people think of a kind of physical interaction – the large child picking a battle with a smaller child. However. there are instances where Numberss come into drama ; groups of pupils will pick on one person. This is non uncommon and in fact. happens every bit frequently as one-on-one intimidation ( Hymel. and Swearer ) . There are. basically. two types of intimidation: physical and mental. Physical intimidation is direct contact between the attacker and the victim. and includes punching. kicking. forcing. or any physical contact with the bully and victim. The bully will non halt the force until his or her victim is unable to revenge back. Physical intimidation is besides non limited to school. and can happen at place. the office. or anyplace the tough chooses. Mental intimidation may look less rough than physical intimidation and may non physically damage the victim. but it can emotionally. Mental. or verbal. strong-arming involves name naming. doing merriment of a person’s visual aspect. and doing violative comments to the victim. Making
verbal menaces of force is besides verbal intimidation. There is besides indirect strong-arming where the individual will distribute rumours and narratives about person else although it may non be true. This type of strong-arming histories for 18. 5 % of intimidation. Social disaffection is another where the bully will deliberately except another from a group. But the type of strong-arming that is deriving land is cyber intimidation ( “Time for Tolerance” ) .

Cyber intimidation is when a kid or adolescent is being harassed. threatened. or embarrassed by normally another adolescent. and the bully is utilizing the Internet. cell phones. or any other engineerings. It includes directing menaces or cruel messages to a person’s electronic mail history and cell phone. Cyber toughs besides spread rumours online or through texts. and station unkind messages on web sites or societal networking sites. Feigning to be another individual utilizing person else’s history or doing a bogus history and directing harmful messages is another signifier of cyber intimidation. Male childs are more prone to take portion in tradition intimidation. physical intimidation. whereas misss are more likely to cyber bully. ( “Bullying Statistics” ) .

Most cyber toughs and their victims are teens. and there are legion instances where the victim being cyber bullied will harm themselves. and even perpetrate self-destruction. Cyber strong-arming “has to hold a child on both sides. or at least have been instigated by a minor against another child. Once adults become involved. it is apparent and simple cyber-harassment or cyber still hunt. Adult cyber-harassment or cyber still hunt is NEVER called cyber bullying” ( “Stop Cyberbullying” ) . In 2007. a female parent created a bogus history and posed as a male child to befriend a former friend of her girl. The female parent so began posting abuses and making stations about the daughter’s former friend which were hurtful and untrue. The adolescent. who was combating depression. shortly committed self-destruction. It is difficult to believe a parent or grownup will make that to a kid but there have been several instances where a parent will really be the individual cyber bully. Majority of the ground why a parent will cyber bully another adolescent is because they believe they are protecting their kids. but are. alternatively. harming another ( “Stop Cyberbullying” ) .

There are assorted grounds as to why teens feel the demand to cyber bully
person. Sometimes the cyber bully is motivated by bitterness or green-eyed monster. and sometimes they do it for amusement. Another ground may be because they are bored and have nil to busy themselves with. Some may make it accidentally. and others do it for torture and to acquire a reaction from the victim. Although traditional intimidation still occurs more than cyber intimidation. the sum of cyber strong-arming go oning in today’s universe is systematically turning because of all the engineerings being available. This means that cyber intimidation happens world-wide and cyber toughs are sometimes aliens from halfway around the Earth. ( Patchin ) .

Despite the earnestness and harmful effects of cyber intimidation. it is common among teens and young person. Harmonizing to a survey done by the i-SAFE foundation in 2003. more than one in three teens have received and experient cyber menaces. and over 23 per centum of teens are repeatedly through their cell phones or the Internet. Cyber menaces are when teens post messages about harming themselves or another individual and are sometimes followed by existent Acts of the Apostless of force. There have besides been studies that cyber toughs will do FaceBook pages or web pages dedicated to dissing and socking their victim. and 75 per centum of teens have visited these sites. Harmonizing to a UCLA survey on cyber intimidation. one in five teens study holding been cyber bullied by person they know or a complete alien. and the survey besides found that 85 per centum of teens that were bullied online are still bullied at school. Still. merely 1 in 10 teens who have been cyber bullied tell a parent or grownup and merely 1 in 5 cyber intimidation incidents are reported to jurisprudence enforcement ( “Cyber Bully Alert” ) .

Presently. 40 nine provinces have passed anti-bullying Torahs. and a figure of province legislative assemblies are suggesting Torahs to necessitate schools to hold anti-bullying policies and plans. If person is charged and convicted of strong-arming person. they are charged with a misdemeanour and perchance function clip in gaol. Cyber intimidation is against the jurisprudence but most of the Torahs in many provinces are non enforced because cyber strong-arming normally takes topographic point outside of school. Still. that hasn’t stopped lawgivers from seeking to ordain and stiffen cyber strong-arming Torahs. At least five provinces want to add punishments to cyber intimidation. and in 2009 North Carolina passed a jurisprudence that criminalizes
cyber intimidation. doing it a misdemeanour for young person under 18. Senator Jeffrey Klein of New York is one of the jurisprudence shapers that want to do certain cyber intimidation can be punishable by jurisprudence. Klein stated that “When I was turning up. you had a touchable bully and a battle after school. Now you have hosts of toughs who are terrorising over the Internet or other signifiers of societal media. ” Under his proposed jurisprudence. anyone that uses engineerings to hassle or stalk person could be convicted of a misdemeanour or felony and face prison clip. Some. nevertheless. oppose these Torahs believing that it limits freedom of address ( Alcindor ) .

Although it may look improbable for anyone to non back up anti-bullying Torahs. there are a few groups that are no in favour with the jurisprudence at all. A group called Focus on the Family. a planetary Christian ministry. believes that these anti-bullying Torahs cross “the line in a batch of ways beyond strong-arming into indoctrination. merely advancing homosexualism and transgenderism” ( Hall ) . Focus on the Family has been a supporter anti-anti-bullying Torahs because they believe that these Torahs are a ground to learn kids about homosexual matrimony and non about strong-arming. Most of the groups that oppose anti-bullying Torahs are spiritual groups. and most agree with Focus on the Family. There have been a few provinces that have passed or tried to go through anti-bullying Torahs that protect toughs who use their faith as to why they bully others. This caused indignation among the populace and most of these supposed anti-bullying Torahs have since been voted out or the specific clause has been removed ( Hall ) .

There are several ways to forestall intimidation. or cyber intimidation. from go oning. First is get downing an educational run with kids and teens. and informing others what precisely is cyber intimidation and the stairss to forestall it from go oning to them. Teaching youth how non to accidentally go portion of cyber intimidation will assist decelerate down cyber toughs. Children need to be taught that being soundless while another is being hurt is non alright. and if they stand up with the victims. cyber toughs can be stopped. Another manner is keep personal information private. Children and teens should non portion watchwords with friends or aliens to maintain themselves safe. Sharing this personal information can give cyber toughs
the chance to chop into personal electronic mails and societal sites. and station detrimental things online. And one time things are posted on the Internet. it may be impossible to cancel it for good. Adolescents should besides cognize that if they are targeted by a cyber bully to non react and alternatively barricade the cyber bully and inform a parent or grownup that can assist them. Checking to see who they are directing messages and electronic mails to is another manner of forestalling cyber intimidation. Making certain that they are directing it to the right individual and topographic point will assist halt cyber toughs from having private messages. Besides. teens should cognize that it is non alright to send on and direct other people’s electronic mails and personal information without their permission. Adolescents besides should non direct electronic mails or station messages online if they are angry. If they do. they may arouse the cyber bully and turn into a cyber bully themselves ( “Stop Cyberbullying” ) . Part IV – What I Learned

Through this research. I learned that cyber intimidation is persistently going more known. and although traditional intimidation still happens. cyber intimidation is turning. Because of all the new engineering going available to people of all ages. particularly adolescent teens. it is easier for person to go a cyber bully victim. Cyber intimidation is besides common in the lives of teens today. and happens worldwide. There are several effectual ways to forestall cyber intimidation and provinces in the United States are acknowledging that intimidation is a serious affair. Although intimidation and cyber intimidation can non be stopped in a twenty-four hours. it is possible to halt toughs from aching another individual.

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