Tale of two coaches Essay

Coach Knight was a leader who relied on fear from his players. He made sure the players knew that If they did not perform to his standard they would be placed on the bench. If a blue-chip recruit or player in his starting lineup performed poorly, that person quickly found himself sitting on the bench or demoted to the second team (Snood, Proper and Delayed, 2005). Coach Skewering on the other hand used the power of family. He treated the player like they were his family he had a paternal approach. This caused the players to want to seek approval. This was an excellent approach. The team did not have many rules with Coach Krzysztof.

His one big rule was; don’t do anything that’s detrimental tortuously. Because if it’s detrimental to you, it’ll be detrimental to our program and Duke university (Snood et al. , 2005). After reading these articles a point can be made that the leadership styles of these two coaches are similar yet very different. Coach Knight leadership style is more of a manager. He uses fear to get his players to meet the goals he has set. If the player is not doing what Coach Knight thinks Is appropriate he will bench them and can have an effect on their scholarship. Coach Skewering on the other hand Is more the leader.

He loving encourages his players to strive for the best. He uses his fatherly approach to get the players to follow his rules. The players understand that there is discipline from breaking rules but they don’t have to fear coach Skewering. Coach Skewering stated if you do anything in any way, whenever or wherever, that I think is detrimental to the good of this basketball team, to the school or to you yourself, I’ll handle it as I see fit (Snood, et al. 2005). He would discipline his team members, but not as a treat as coach Knight did. Both coach Knight and coach Krzysztof were very effective coaches. They both had winning teams.

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Their leadership traits were very effective in leading their teams to several winning seasons. Each of them had player who went on to play in the NAB. They both had the respect of their players. Their drive for coaching and winning was a big success. Their knowledge of the game and how to coach It lead to them not only win games but to be honored as great coaches. Although they lead In different ways they both had a desire to lead. The desire to coach and the drive has had a positive and a negative effect on Coach Knight. Some felt his desire for the perfect basketball game lead him to misuse or abuse some of is players.


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