Successful & Unsuccessful Communication Relating to Noises Sample Essay


Harmonizing to our e-text. communicating is the procedure of directing and having messages with affiliated significances ( p. 190 ) . The cardinal elements in the communicating procedure include a beginning. receiving system. and a communicating channel. The beginning encodes an intended significance into a message and the receiving system decodes the message into a sensed significance in which it may or may non give feedback to the beginning. The communicating channel is the tract through which messages are communicated. But from what I have learned. the communicating function when affecting speech production. showing through organic structure linguistic communication. facial expressions. tone of voice and even through the smallest gestures will ever pass on a message to the receiving system. It is ever of import to cognize that when people communicate with each other. two things are at issue. One is the truth of communicating. which is the issue of effectivity. Effective communicating occurs when the intended significance of the beginning and the sensed significance of the receiving system are virtually the same. The other trades with cost. which is an issue of efficiency. Efficient communicating occurs at minimal cost in footings of resources expended. These two issues have led to two different incidents at my company in which the result was both negative and positive.

Communication Procedure

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Using the communicating procedure theoretical account. the predating illustration can be broken down as follows: New York coevals power workss qualify as the beginning in this scenario since they provided the information to the Houston office. the receiving system. The communicating channel. or tract that the message was communicated. was through an electronic mail that had to be translated from megawatts generated into the equivalent of unit of measuring applied to natural gas use or Ccf. which represents a unit of volume equal to one hundred three-dimensional pess. Some of the communicating was lost in the interlingual rendition due to package troubles with several measurement units and transition. Additionally. the analyst that received the electronic mail could non supply feedback due to the trouble in reaching the works manager straight since he is located onsite and waiting for him to return a page is the lone option. The absence of feedback. the differences in computing machine package linguistic communication. and the inability to pass on straight with a senior executive ( position consequence ) . all provided the ‘noise’ that interfered with successful communicating. This dislocation in the communicating procedure could be Energy East hundred of thousand dollars in lost gross revenues gross and lost terminal users due to hapless dealingss.

This scenario is merely a rare and stray instance in communicating procedure failure at Energy East. Most of the clip. stairss are taken to guarantee that communications between all parties are clear. concise. and successful in guaranting that the message is understood. One such illustration occurred between Energy East and Tennessee Gas Pipeline during the ten-day care curtailment from transporting natural gas from Gulf Coast part up to the Northeast utilities. Since most of Energy East natural gas is provided from the Gulf Coast part. the care curtailment badly wedged Energy East’s ability in run intoing the demands of its clients. One of our largest national history. Osram-Sylvania. required that any back orders or missed orders ensuing from cases that are outside of Energy East’s control. such a grapevine curtailment. be addressed in composing within two yearss of Energy East’s cognition of any possible jobs.

Having taken this into history. the operations director and gross revenues manager took immediate stairss and drafted a missive to Osram-Sylvania within hours of the proclaimed care on Tennessee Gas Pipeline. The missive was instantly sent to Osram-Sylvania via nightlong messenger to guarantee that they received it before any jobs arose. The missive was besides followed with a phone call between the gross revenues manager at Energy East and the lead purchaser at Osram-Sylvania to guarantee that the missive was understood and if he had any inquiries. This immediate communicating and followup prevented a possible loss of concern and the of import client relationship that would hold affected future concern chances.

Again. utilizing the same communicating procedure theoretical account as antecedently seen. the illustration of successful communications can be broken down to analyse the different elements. In this instance. Energy East is the beginning of the communicating as we notify Osram-Sylvania. the receiving system. of the jobs that would originate during the grapevine curtailment. The channels of communicating in this illustration include a missive of account and a phone call to followup to reply any inquiries. Noise has been eliminated from the procedure by leting immediate feedback between the two parties. guaranting that the intended significance is the same as the sensed significance without intervention.


From these two illustrations. it can be determined that the noise intervention can do a enormous sum of trouble in understanding the true purpose of the message. The electronic mail sent through transition package between New York power workss and the Houston office was non every bit efficient as a missive and phone call that allowed feedback and inquiries. By taking away the barriers. such as deficiency of feedback. position consequence. and proficient jobs. the message was clear. without any misinterpretations. This is non to state that electronic mail. as a signifier of communicating. is inefficient ; nevertheless. by adding the assorted noise factors as intervention. the company could lose 1000s of dollars as a consequence of hapless communicating.

From these two illustrations. direction at Energy East has learned some of import lessons in pass oning with others. every bit good as guaranting that all messages are understood before actions are taken. Discussions with corporate office in New York sing transition package. telephone follow-ups and entree to senior executives have led to a lessening in black struggles at Energy East. Occasionally. jobs still originate when noise interferes with effectual communicating. but stairss are instantly taken to find the cause of communicating dislocation and implement disciplinary actions to guarantee that the failure is non repeated.


University of Phoenix ( Ed ) . ( 2002 ) . Organizational Behavior [ University of Phoenix Custom Edition e-text ] . New York: Wiley.


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