Successful Completion of Developmental Tasks Enables a Person to Make a Smooth Transition to Adulthood Essay

It is believed that. “successful completion of developmental undertakings enables a individual to do a smooth passage to maturity. ” In order to go a full-blown. good being grownup. one must finish the three chief factors of the Family Life Cycle theory. Therefore. throughout this overview. the three developmental undertakings outlined in the Family Life Cycle Theory turn out this fact.

The Family Life Cycle is destined to be successful. as persons need to accommodate to household alterations to guarantee household endurance. There are known to be eight phases in this theory in which. challenges one in their family’s life to construct and derive new accomplishments. However. some of the phases in the rhythm are hard to treat. One of phases ( present one to be specific ) in the rhythm is. get downing household. This phase is saying a married twosome with no kids. Therefore. the developmental undertaking is set uping a stable place. beef uping the matrimony. and fixing for childbearing. Having this phase be portion of the rhythm smoothens the approaching kid to adult development. It demoing that the parent’s are responsible and are doing certain they are ready for kids.

Families all have strengths and failings. Throughout the childbearing household. which is the 3rd phase of the household rhythm. households are get bying with their first kid in this phase until the kid is around two old ages old. The developmental undertaking in this phase is households contemplating to increase their household size. while supplying a healthy and stable ambiance in their place. Having parent’s visualizing about holding another kid shows that the kid will hold a smooth grownup development. This is due to fact that they are doing certain they are in no haste. and are guaranting themselves they are in a positive environment to raise another kid.

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Parent’s watching their kids turn up tends to go overpowering. From merely being a babe to graduating high school. that is a batch of impact to take in as a parent. They go through empty nest syndrome to retirement in phase seven. one time their kids travel off to university. The developmental undertaking in this construct is. parent’s adjusting and redefining their matrimony since their kids are now grown up. They prepare for their retirement old ages as they renew their lives. The developmental undertaking in this phase fundamentally shows the full completion of parent’s kids being swimmingly developed into maturity. This phase upholds parent’s being successful parents as their kids are grown up. and are on their ain. They are able to settle down and retire.

In decision. by explicating three separate phases of the Family Life Cycle theory. it proves that without this rhythm it is undetermined how swimmingly a child’s development to adulthood can be. The developmental undertaking shows that in demand to because a well being grownup. parents must raise their kids by the Family Life Cycle theory.


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