Student Council Speech Essay

Good forenoon my friends. my companions. Precisely a twelvemonth and five yearss ago. I stood behind this dais talking to all of you. as a alien. but on this twenty-four hours. I stand behind this dais non as a alien but as a familiar schoolmate and representative. As for the few who do non cognize me good. I’m Ray Liu. a dedicated. confident and the huffy scientist of last year’s pupil council.

In the past twelvemonth. I have helped the pupil council organize and set up many different activities. and I’m besides familiar and experient with the codification of behavior and processs of the pupil council. As you can remember. last year’s Job action has surely affected you. Sports squads were canceled and many nines were disbanded. I can state you that this hurts me merely every bit much as it hurts you. That is why I went to the Walk Out to coerce the authorities to listen to our voices.

During the walk-out. I noticed that many people were acquiring off from the newsmans to avoid being interviewed. but I stood at that place. non caring about the rain or the cold. I merely cared about being a representative of our school and acquiring our message out. When the newsmans came. I told them that. we being as pupils. does non intend that we are powerless. or that we are mindless. alternatively. we being as pupils merely means that we are unafraid. and we have a voice to be heard.

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We will non allow the authorities do what they feel like making. we will non allow them cut the budget and call off our nines. our dances and our athleticss squads so expect us to fall mutely into the dark. It is strictly up to you if I’m the pupil council representative of 2012 and 2013. but before you vote. inquire yourself. are you voting for who has the coolest places or the latest Apple Product. instead than person will take good attention of the school. person who can take the school through bad luck. and person who stands tall in the face of fright.

I can non assure you that I will be able to play Gangnam Style everyday on the proclamations or replace soundless reading with soundless texting. what I can assure you. is that I will give myself to assisting the pupil council. the school and most significantly you the pupils. every bit much as I dedicate myself to transporting a 60 lb high electromotive force pulse capacitance place. and when you love science every bit much as I do. you know that is a batch of dedication. It will be my award to function you all once more this twelvemonth.

Thank you for remaining awake. and as ever. hold a nice twenty-four hours. Aside from that. I’m besides the victor of this year’s Palmer’s one-year scientific discipline carnival with my undertaking about wireless energy transmittal utilizing a double resonant high frequence transformer. or as I like to name it. the machine that shoots lightning and sets things on fire. After winning Palmer’s one-year scientific discipline carnival. I moved on to the regional scientific discipline carnival where I claimed a Ag decoration and two particular awards with my machine.


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