Strategic Plan Conceptualizing a Business Essay

Cosmo Day Salon that is focused upon beauty and relaxation as an assistance in healthy life. Cosmo ‘s provides a assortment of merchandises, tools, and techniques for clients to pattern at place for beauty and relaxation therapy. These merchandises include organic structure and decorative services, hair merchandises and aging intervention. Cosmo ‘s accomplishment is to do every person feel beautiful in their ain manner.

Business, Products, and Customers: Mission Statement Cosmo Day Salon is designated to serve a assortment of clientele including changing civilizations, ethnicities, and faiths all with the common end of accomplishing beauty and relaxation. The chief competition for Cosmo Day Salon will be other salons shops and watering place. Customers have the pick between traveling to a watering place or salon and paying immense dollars or come into a salon with a loosen uping comfy ambiance that will help the client in making a professional salon and spa experience at place.

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This is how Cosmo ‘s will make a niche for itself in the concern market and go a immense rival for salons. The shop will hold and expose many merchandises to give clients an thought on what is new and what will be best suited for their demands. The merchandises will be available for clients to use and buy for their place. Cosmo Day Salon ‘s mission statement is to supply the best quality of service and quality for clients to be able to copy what the salon has created. The merchandises will supply techniques in order for clients to accomplish the same expression as when they merely left the salon.

Many persons get frustrated that they are unable to make the same expression as the salon did. The merchandises will assist re-create the expression that each client is looking for. Organization Vision “ A vision statement presents the house ‘s strategic purpose that focuses the energies and resources of the company on accomplishing a desirable hereafter ” ( Pearce & A ; Robinson, 2009, p37 ) . The vision of Cosmo Day Salon is to supply the best merchandises, tools, and techniques available in an effort to fulfill the client ‘s demands and wants in a comfy, relaxing, and discrete atmosphere.

The future vision the writer has for the company is a vision that employees will be proud. This will be achieved by the company back uping and giving back to the community. By making all the above Cosmo ‘s will finally go a company that is embodied with values and rules. “ Valuess are criterions which we strive to accomplish. Valuess are practical wonts that enable us as persons to populate, be successful and achieve felicity ” ( Pearce & A ; Robinson, 2009, p45 ) . One can believe of values as the criterions that companies set and strive to accomplish.

Cosmo Day Salon ‘s values will assist the company to accomplish what is stated in the mission and vision statement. Just like the mission statement describes the type of merchandises and services it does it in a manner that will hold a direct accent on the company ‘s values in the strategic planning procedure. Steering Principles: Culture, Social Responsibility, and Ethical motives Cosmo Day Salon will hold a value-orientated civilization that will put direct accent on the many different civilizations of its possible clients, integrating the cultural experiences and needs into the shop.

The shops will hold a multi-cultural feel and manner, offering clients a broad scope of manners that represent the different civilizations in society. For case, the company will offer a broad scope of merchandises that are widely used in other states to advance a healthy balance expression. Cosmo ‘s will besides put their values of unity and honestness above everything else when covering with their clients. Cosmo Day Salon must at all times remain socially responsible while carry throughing clients ‘ demands. Part of being socially responsible is go oning to lend to society in a manner that will go on to prolong it.

Cosmo ‘s must guarantee that they are at all times socially and environmentally responsible. One manner that Cosmo ‘s can show that they are a socially responsible company is to handle client, employees, and investors reasonably and candidly at all times. Cosmo Day Salon will implement and originate plans to help the community based upon society ‘s demands. By supplying society with plans that give back Cosmo Day Salon will make a alone partnership with the community which will show an look of the company ‘s values and regard for others.

Organization Strategic Direction Strategic way can be defined as the programs made or the actions taken by the company in an effort to help the company to carry through its intended mission, intent and vision. When a company defines its vision, ends, beliefs, values and mission it gives the company a way to travel and turn. This way will let everyone including the employees and proprietor to cognize what is expected from the company and how to accomplish those ends.

When Cosmo ‘s defined its mission, vision, and values the company has finally has built an action program that will adhere to the values while endeavoring to accomplish its ends and vision. Customer Needs and Competitive Advantage Cosmo Day Salon ‘s vision for the company is to supply a relaxed, comfy ambiance where clients will experience at place while doing their purchases. The overall mission of the company is to supply a shop with a welcoming ambiance that is unfastened to the public regardless of race, gender, or faith.

Cosmo Day Salon will put unity and honestness above everything else when it comes to the clients. The company ‘s planning, aims, and ends will hold a immense impact on the company ‘s strategic way and how the company will make concern over the following few old ages. Part of the strategic planning procedure involves the uninterrupted reappraisal of the company ‘s vision and mission statement and to find whether or non the company has met its ends. The company will use a benchmark which is based upon the vision, mission, and value statements to step and find the determinations that are made and necessitate to be made.

These determinations will find the overall way and intent of the company and its strategic way. Cosmo Day Salon ‘s mission is to supply the best quality merchandises and services in a manner that will let them to suit a diverse scope of civilizations. The company has a rigorous set of values which holds unity and honestness to be the highest and believes that every client who comes in contact with Cosmo ‘s will hold a sense of the pride it holds its employees and providers besides.

Cosmo Day Salon values are really of import to the company and employees have to back up the company ‘s vision, mission, and values when they come in contact with clients. The company ‘s strategic way will be based upon achieve the ends that are clearly defined in the mission and vision statements. The best manner forto achieveis to reexamine them continuously and do alterations so that they are ever endeavoring to accomplish their ends.


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