Story of the Flood Essay

Though there are many things in common between the Sumerian and Hebrew stories of the Flood, there are also many differences. It stated that both are required to build an ark along with taking every kind of animal onboard. They are also similar in the fact that the flood is called upon by God or the gods because of man’s actions. Similarly, both Noah and Utnapishtim are from Mesopotamia. (Lambert) There are a few dissimilarities along with the story, the main being the fact that in the Hebrew version there is only one god while in the Sumerian version there are many gods.

In both stories of the flood, the men are told by God or a god to build an ark. The man chosen also keeps his family which includes his wife, sons, and sons wives. (Prentice Hall Literature) These men also are required to take onboard every animal and a mate for it. The main difference between the two is that the gods that send the message are very different. In the Hebrew version, the God came to Noah to tell him to build the ark.

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In the Samarian, however, Ea, which was one of the gods, came to Utnapishtim to tell him of the coming flood. One of the comparable aspects of each story is the cause of the flood. In both stories, the flood is a punishment from the gods because of man’s actions. The differences are that in the Hebrew story, the flood is started because God senses that every man has evil in his heart from his birth. In the Samarian story of the flood, the flood is caused because man is too loud and the gods can’t sleep (Prentice Hall).


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