Statement of Research Interest Essay

Statement of Research Interest I am very interested in pursuing graduate studies in Petroleum Engineering focusing on Enhanced oil/ Heavy oil Recovery (ERROR). I am interested in the fundamental and applied research in thermal, gas and chemical ERROR technologies. Given that the world average recovery factor from hydrocarbon reservoirs is stuck in the mid- 30 per cent range, raising the recovery factor is a challenge that global effort for some time now has been trying to solve.

Overcoming this challenge will alleviate a umber of issues related to global energy supply and it is in providing solution to this apparent challenge that my research interest lies. Thermal and gas ERROR methods are perhaps the brightest for the more difficult heavy oil and light oil reservoirs respectively hence my interest in conducting further research in areas of solvent enhanced/ steam-assisted gravity drainage (SEES-SAGA & SAGA), cyclic steam stimulation (CSS) and CO-ERROR. Additional research interest lies in reservoir modeling, simulation, engineering and optimization.

My undergraduate research was about investigating the possibility of using Insignia’s heavy oil as a steam boiler fuel. The objective was to look for ways to reduce the oil viscosity for ease of atomization. Thermal backbreaking, blending with lighter hydrocarbon and formation of heavy oil microeconomic were methods investigated. Of the three methods, blending with lighter hydrocarbon was found to be more economical and could give a significant reduction in cost of steam generation.

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My undergraduate research together with my current Job have provided me a thorough exposure to the various specialties available in the petroleum engineering field, thus stimulating my interest in advanced research. It will be auspicious for me to be a part of the team that will proffer economical and environmental friendly solutions to the enormous challenge stated above and I very much believe your institution will provide me a good platform to achieve my goals. I look forward to hearing from you regarding my application. Thank you for your time and consideration in reading through my research interest.


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