Statement field of communication was the main

Statement of Purpose

For Masters Admission in the Wireless communication,
Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, University of

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Md Robiul Islam Minto, have completed B.Sc in the Electrical and Electronic
Engineering from the Leading University Sylhet, one of the top ranks private University
in Bangladesh. After adequate self-evolution, I have decided to pursue my
graduate degree from the University of Oulu, one of the best and prestigious Universities
in the world which demanding most competitive, high aptitude and academic
potential for study.


During my undergraduate course, The
University offered a wide range of integral curriculum subjects in Electrical
and Electronic Engineering like Electrical Circuits, Electronics, Power System,
Signal and Liner System, Digital Communication, Digital Signal Processing, Cellular
Mobile and Satellite Communication etc where the field of communication was the
main area of my interest. Therefore, I am applying to join MSc in Wireless
Communication program. I am convinced that my academic background, the area of
interest and ultimate professional goal perfectly match with this graduate
course and also believe that this graduate program is an essential step toward
my long-term career goals. In a decade from now, I envisage myself as a faculty
member in leading universities or a full-time active researcher. Furthermore, after
consulting with friends, seniors who already studying in the Oulu and surfing
on the internet carefully, I have concluded that Oulu heading strongly towards
the wireless communication research which enhances my aspiration tremendously
to pursue my higher study in the Oulu.


from my High school days, I had a strong inclination toward the science and Mathematics.
Ever since I was young I always want to see how a machine works not only
externally but internally which consequence was to seek an admission in
Electrical and Electronic Engineering. During the four years of my
undergraduate course, I gained an in-depth understanding of the various
techniques involved in complex problem-solving and the course given me a strong
foundation to pursue Master degree from Finnish university. I always maintained
maximum attendance in the class and earned a CGPA 3.83 out of 4.0. I ranked
among the top 5% out of 60 undergraduate students in the class.


My undergraduate project was on
“Real-time vehicle tracking system using GPS and Google map”  designed for tracking location and speed of
the vehicle which ultimately theft control system for an automobile. It also
includes the web application that provides the graph of travelling path and the
exact location of the target. It is also very useful for the ambulance service
of the hospital by preparing themselves after knowing the ambulance location.
This project gives me the in-depth knowledge on the subject of my project
besides this it also enriched me with knowledge how to approach a project or
research. I have also been involved many course project with the various groups
in my University.


I always participated in extracurricular
activities and pursuing new experience so as to broaden my horizon which
improves my interaction with the different cultural or society’s people. In this
process, I was the permanent member of blood donor society, cultural club and
programming language club. Apart from these, I had elected as a president of
“Electronics Club of Leading University”, one of the renowned club in the
university. It is a no-profitable club that aims to teach and help the students
to understand the electronics and circuit which follows by arranging various
lectures, seminar, workshops, projects as well as competitions throughout the
year where besides my leadership role I learned new range of skills and
experiencing new things.


I believe practical knowledge makes
students independent and increase their confidence. However, I also believe the
process of learning continues every stage of life. In order to learn and understand
the theories in better way, I had participated four weeks training program
based on the course “Industrial technology on electrical and instrumentation”
which included Electrical Instrumentation, PLC, Process Control, Protection and
Safety and DCS etc. I gained in-depth practical knowledge of Electrical and
Electronic Engineering.


Currently, I am working as a teacher of the
Sylhet Central College. I teach Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
for the 11th and 12th standards where I manage all
aspects of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the college besides to prepare and deliver lectures of ICT to
the students. This Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Course
conducting the communication system and networking, signal and processing,
programming language etc given me further knowledge in my field of interest.


Besides to maintaining the signature of scholastic
aptitudes throughout my academic career I also successful in the outdoor games
like Soccer, Cricket, and Volleyball etc and I have awarded Man of the Match in
quite few of these. These outdoor activities aided me by boosting my leadership
skills, communication skills as well my confidence and most importantly
commitment to be a team member.

To sum up, I am fully aware the kind of dedication
and hard work required to pursue a graduate degree from Oulu. My strong
motivation and analytical background give me confidence that I have all the
potentiality to meet these expectations. Hence, I am submitting my application
to be considered as a graduate student in the Faculty of Information Technology
and Electrical Engineering at University of Oulu.


Robiul Islam Minto)































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