Started three-story high metal silosThe 14 different

Started in the 1930’sIn 1939 they only had 10 employees By 1935 they had their first lego which was a wooden duckIn 1949 they had about 200 different wooden blocksIn 1947 they made a plastic ball for infants In 1951 they made a tractor Also in 1951 there first ever lego shot was madeIn 1958 June 7th  Legoland’s doors were opened and they had 625,000 people come  In 1974 they established legos overseas In 1996 their website launched In 2012 lego makes a brand for girls ages 5-8 Granules that come in different colors are driven in big trucks to different factories around the worldThen giant hoses suck up the granules and dump them in  three-story high metal silosThe 14 different silos each one can hold 33 tons of granulesThen they feed them down the pipes to the molding machinesIn the molding machines, they are superheated to a temperature of about 450 degrees Fahrenheit The melted plastic goo is fed into molds (little metal containers shaped like hollow bricks)Then they apply hundreds of tons of pressure to make sure the bricks are shaped with accuracy Then they cool and eject that takes 10 seconds The finished pieces roll down conveyor belts into boxes When a box is done the molding machines sends to a radio signal to one of the robot trucks that that patrol the hallThe robots are guided by grooves in the floor that help them pick up the boxes that are full and put them into to another conveyor belt A giant printer then puts faces, control panels, numbers, words, and other decorating details Machines will apply pressure to legs so they can mold togetherThe last step is packing them for people They have boxes that open and close to make sure the right number is in the boxLastly packing operators will fold the boxes add the instructions and other pieces needed Ole Kirk Christiansen invent  legos He was born on April 7, 1891, and died March 11, 1958He made the Danish company He was one of 10 children His father name was Jenis Niels and Mothers name Kristine (Anderson), Christiansen In 1916 he went back to Denmark and bought “The Billund Carpentry Shop and Lumberyard”He got married to Kristine Sorensen  around the same time he bought his storeHe had 4 children Johannes, Karl, Godtfred, and GerhardtIn 1924 Karl and Godtfred were playing in wood shavings and accidentally burned the house and the storeDuring the great depression, he joined his father and made toysThere are rides, live shows, building workshops, There is a Legoland in Denmark, Germany, UK, Malaysia, Dubai, Japan, Floridan, and California You can stay overnight or play for a day It targets kids 2-12 years old There is a mainland in California  Legoland There are a lot of full-size lego creatures


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