Standard Ways of Working Essay

Also, with these appropriate file names; I will make sure I save my work In appropriate folders, meaning it is also easier to find my work when I come to start on it. An example for the saving of this document would be’ IT 0 unit 1: The Information Age 0 Standard Ways of Working. ‘ Mainly, I will be saving my work on a memory stick, but I will make a backup on the school computers so if I lose my memory stick, I will still have a new backup on the computers. For this I am speaking from experience, as I am ending up having to do this report again.

Before I had two memory sticks, on for aroma work, and then one for the backup of all my work. Sadly I lost both of these so my new backup system will be to save all my work on the computers as well. Choosing appropriate file formats will also help me in my work. Personal Effectiveness The course consists of many projects which means I have to choose my CIT tools appropriately. For a report such as this one, I will use Microsoft Word, as I know the programmer more than others such as Offence.

Also, documents In unit 1: The Information Age need to be converted into an e-book meaning I will use the Adobe reduce Dreamier, which is good for making a website. When working on products that I haven’t used before I will use teacher handouts, which will help me when I’m doing my work. To meet these deadlines, I will write up a plan, showing me what I will do for each lesson and then I will work my way up to the deadline date, which will help me work to my maximum and try and achieve the best grade. Quality Assurance When working on a computer, you can sometimes press the wrong key, which makes your spelling and punctuation wrong.

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When you turn on spell check you will get a red nine under the miss spelled word, which will show me what I have spelled wrong, and will make me change the spelling on it. When any of these lines come under my writing I will make sure I change them. Sometimes spell check can be wrong, such as on Microsoft Word giving an American suggestion instead of a British one, which can affect the quality of my work, which is why I will make sure I proofread my work before I hand it in to check I have the highest quality possible. Legislation and Codes of Practice have to acknowledge all the sources I use.

Copyright lasts a lifetime or even more, so I ill need to get permission to use some data, but I am allowed to use copyrighted material for an educational purpose. Also, I might not want to write some paragraphs myself so I will use things written on the internet. When I do this I will need to make sure I rewrite it all, and not only change a couple of words! Safe Working Working in a computer room can be dangerous, with the different electronic circuits, and cables. Before sitting down I will need to make sure I put these cables to the back of the computer and check for any faults in the cables.

Then once this is done, I will also need to make sure I am sitting properly at the computer screen, which is a main element when working on a computer. There are many diagrams on the internet for this. Here is the simplest one; Lighting is also a key aspect when working at a computer, where if it is too dark, it can affect your eyesight. When working I will make sure all the lights are turned on and I also take regular breaks as a study says you can increase the risk of cancer by sitting too long. Also, I will make sure I don’t eat and drink next to the computers


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