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Wireless technology may be regarded as the most important inventions of science. Our life is full of technologies that incorporate wireless means. Wireless technology Is also common among various businesses and organizations In order to compete with each other through rapid and fast completion of task by the help of wireless technology. Wireless technology provides rapid and fast accomplishment of tasks and also saves space as well as time.

The goal of this Is to provide a proposal to the President of “Party Plates” as it related to wireless technology. Description This research is aimed in recommending at least two wireless technologies that old be helpful to put into practice at the “Party Plates Organization. The two wireless technologies recommended for “Party Plates Organization” includes “phone” and “pad”.

By successfully incorporating into its business structure, these wireless technologies may also be utilized as an efficient marketing tool and will also advance its business goals and objectives. Furthermore, this paper will also provides a justification for our recommendation of Implementing Phone and Pad wireless technologies; It will also Identify various risks that are associated with the usage of hose wireless technologies In the work environment of “Party Plates”.

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In the Instant technological society, “Party Plates Organization” is required to develop an efficient and competitive approach at the market place with a new and inventing approach to the trends of technology that prevail while using the tools of marketing to enhance sales, goals and objectives (Herbert, 2010, up. 16). The pad may provide us with required competitive edge in providing our customers with on-site ideas or image of customer ordered napkins and plates.

The pad is an excellent and ideal technology n this regard; it provides us with the ability to upload all of our napkin and plate designs on a single device and share it between various organizational departments and also with the customers. In addition, we have the capability to add personal photo designs Into the theme, which will be beneficial to the customer. We may also make use of “Apple’s Cloud Application” for the transferring of photos of customized orders from one phone or pad to the organization’s design department (Herbert, 2010, up. 6). This would ultimately reduce the time required to process the order, thus affecting the productivity in a positive manner. Moreover, Party Plates Organization has a proven record of financial sales that influences the organization’s strategic goals and objectives to provide included products based on consumer requirements while enhancing the organizational business network with vendors that will permit sufficient business transactions that improve or increase profitability.

In addition, these two mentioned wireless technologies are significant because this combination will permit employees to effectively communicate with each other and also with the customers. Further, it would also facilitate managers and their products (Kramer, Linden & Derrick, 2011). The utilization of these technologies would also develop an environment that would ultimately Increase the organizational efficient manner to experiment, collaborate, and set in motion actionable items for increasing local region, and regional attempts for attaining or achieving corporate aims and objectives.

I believe these two mentioned wireless technologies are significant because this combination will permit employees to effectively communicate with each other and also with the customers. The implementation of these technologies would facilitate executives and their products (Hughes, 2010). This is important, because it will permit every one to able to participate more efficiently and modify a message that will echo with the community or public. The the advantages, there are various disadvantages in using the pad and the phone technology at the “Party Plates Organization”.

First and the most important disadvantage associated with the utilization of pad and phone is there costs. These two wireless technologies might not be suitable at corporate level due to its cost, particularly, because the organization may not be in a position to distribute pads ND phones to each and every employee of the organization (Hughes, 2010). Additionally, these technologies could adversely affect the attention to detail which is required of the employees within the Party Plates Organization.

Furthermore, these wireless technologies are less expandable as compared to The pad and the phones have limited multitasking features and little customization features. Therefore, it is clear that the utilization of wireless technology may create positive as well as negative effects over the Party Plates Organization. Conclusion We have demonstrated detailed analysis of two wireless technologies which we have commended to the President of the Party Plates Organization and have clearly shown that there are various advantages as well as disadvantages of the proposed technology.


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