Sports Social Gathering Essay

This Sunday is one of the major annual sports events for Americas; Super Bowl Sunday. Major sports events are a time when people can gather together, cheer for their heroes, and share the feelings of victory or defeat. Sports events can be the subject of Literature like in Maya Angelou’s essay; Champion of the World. They can live long after the event is over. Gathering together for any event has occurred throughout history. In Maya Angelou’s story, the community congregates at her uncle’s store to listen to a boxing match on the radio. People sit crowded in the store from wall to wall.

Every person in there was cheering for the same contender, Joe Louis. Joe Louis known as “Brown Bomber” was not just a boxer. He was a hero to the entire Afro-American community. He was a successful Afro-American bower, defending his title twenty times. In a time when white Americans run the boxing business. Heroes like Joe Louis are always remembered for long time after they are gone. The reason people gather together for big events, is to share the feelings they have during and the outcome of the event. The Joe Louis fight had people in the store cheering from the beginning to the end, showing their euphoria without holding back.

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The victory had people staying longer at the store celebrating with special treats. Maya Angelou mention in her essay. “People drank Coca –Colas like ambrosia and ate candy bars like Christmas “(95). People join together to share common events, to cheer their heroes and to celebrate victory or defeat when their favorite sports are played. Sports bring along happiness, joy, euphoria, and special celebrations to be remembered, written about, and be mile stone in people’s lives. History will tell if a six year old kid will write about this Super Bowl Sunday in fifty years.


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