Sport and character Essay

Do radio shows such as Radio 1 differentiate when the presenter is male or female, if so why does this occur? Word Count Introduction In my Investigation I have chosen to compare whether there Is any difference In radio shows whether the presenter Is either male or female. My Inspiration behind my study Is my Interest In the national radio station, radio 1. Being an keen listener I Like to give my pollen on certain subjects and during a broadcast my Idea for my case study arose when they were having a debate about which presenter was better than he other.

This rose to my attention which gender had a bigger Impact, If any to the radio show. In my Investigation I alma to use charts and graphs to analyze my data and produce analysis into three sections: discourse, lexis and grammar. I will use these frameworks and their meanings to construct logical answers to my title. I will split my data clearly into sub-titles. I aim to combine my formal and academic style with relevant ideas which support my data, making a critical analysis if appropriate. I hope to conclude my work by being open minded and discussing how accurate my hypothesis was in accordance to the data that I have collected.

Data Description I collected my data through Radio Xi’s BBC ‘player. I transcribed a piece of spoken discourse from the beginning of two popular radio 1 shows Fear Cotton and Greg James. My transcript in length is 3 pages however in spoken time it adds up to about 13 minutes. The programmer is a live show, it does have a structure however most of the speech is spontaneous. Each transcript does have additional guests and includes micro-pauses, emphasis and overlapping speech. Aims In my investigation I hoped to find out whether gender is a factor whilst hosting a radio show.

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I was looking to come across any factors that may effect a presenters show whether it be lexis, discourse or grammar. In addition I wanted to find out whether these factors did have an impact – if any – on how a radio show runs and in effect makes the broadcast differentiate. Otherwise whether additional factors such as the guests, music, producers or the presenters personality effected proceedings. I believe this to be a valid area in study as I personally believe that shows ratings are on and lost due to the gender or personality the presenter.

Methodology When starting my investigation everything from my preparation was open minded and open to question. I believed this to be the best way forward. Personally I thought that shutting down any ideas that had arisen would be wrong and make my investigation invalid due to inaccurate findings by not sweeping through every avenue possible. By doing this I hoped to have a fair set of data to compile a My thoughts of using various graphs and charts came from other AS projects that I have been involved in. Personally I believed that data can be gained accurately and eve clarity to the reader when the information had been presented.

I used many methods when creating my graphs and charts; finally by eliminating the inadequate I was presented with the adequate. Therefore making my presentation the best that it could be. The main aim of my investigation was to be original and have my own thoughts on every situation possible although bearing in mind theories that may enhance my case study. Although I had to overcome many hurdles – after changing my investigation various times – I believe that it was a learning curve to myself that simplicity was the way award in my investigation.

Although through previous mistakes I acknowledged that too much the other way can ruin the quality of my work, so I combined the two to keep the quality as a basis to my investigation. In regards to my title I aimed to create a title that was in the balance. An investigation that could swing either way and flow with discussion. I believe this to be the foundation to my project by not choosing a title that would be easy to answer in every aspect but generate talking points between gender issues and produce unbiased responses through factual data.


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