Spirituality at workplace Essay

These are times when spirituality helps. Spirituality Is a science of having a control over soul and mind rather than allowing the latter to have control on us. It helps In having a balanced and strong physical, mental and social state. It Is to say that apply your spiritual state In every task and It will turn Into a milestone. Nowadays meditation workshops, spiritual seminars, music therapy seminars are being arranged at Industrial and corporate world too. It gives a chance to them to take a halt and feel the Inner peace. Spirituality works Like energy for us.

It’s not that we cannot survive without It but If we try to gain spiritual knowledge It Is always beneficial. It helps In modifying we Human Beings too Better Being! Keywords: spiritual help, workplace, advantages, truth, happiness 1. 1 What Is spirituality? “Spirituality” as this word Is perceived to we humans, all of us start thinking In different manners. Some may think spiritually Is science, some may relate It to god, some others may refer to some gurus or saint person and much more. Spiritualism even changes Its definition from olden days to today’s modern era.

In olden days spiritualism was believed to be a religion. Where as today It Is considered as a path f self-being, a path of knowing one’s Inner self, road towards true happiness and the ultimate ladder towards enlightenment. Spiritually Is an alleged Immaterial reality. Swami Vaccinated has declared, “Spiritually Is as much science as any In the world”(Marl Wealth, Life Positive, January 2013). It Is not restricted to any age, gender, caste or religion. It Is the universal truth. Spiritualism Is very vast.

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People may be helps one connect to a larger reality; to develop an inner self, get connected with one’s soul which is the ultimate truth on this earth and happiness is what all individuals on this earth are looking for. “Happiness is not something that you postpone to the future. It’s something you design for the present. “-Anonymous. Spirituality helps us to transform our living to “LIFE”. In today’s world of technology and the materialistic generation, one doesn’t even have time for self. Everyone is Just busy in planning new strategies and creating new inventions.

The materialistic or we should say consumerist world restricts us from accepting the essence of spirituality. But as humans grow up with lot of lessons and experiences, even spirituality grows and strengthens with experiences. The more we experience, the more we strengthen our bonds with it, and the more we believe in it. As the well-known saying goes – “Some people feel the rain, while others Just get wet”-Anonymous. Lot of seminars and workshops are carried on these days for sharing spiritual knowledge. Meditations, Erik, healing these are a few to name.

One definitely steps in the world of spiritualism through these seminars. But the whole Journey is to be decided by the person himself. The path is to be decided by us. I define it as a treasure hunt. A hunt to happiness; a hunt of our own inner self. More over various life experiences, our rounding’s, family, friends, acquaintances etc. Help us to gain a lot of experiences in the field. Consider it as if we are playing hide and seek game. All phenomenal experiences are around us only, they are Just hidden somewhere. We have to find them! 1. 2 How does spirituality help us?

Today’s Darwinian workplace needs no description. Today when the youth is in search of an amazing future for them, the competitions they face, the struggle to be “THE BEST” causes ample of pressure on them. May it be physical, mental or in any other form. The similar is the mental state of professionals. The only difference is they are under the pressure of senior managers, and other clients. For all these people it is very necessary to have some sort of spiritual knowledge. It helps them to tackle these pressures in a better way. Spirituality doesn’t teach you how to do a particular task; it teaches you to handle tasks.

Let’s take an example, in a cricket match; if the batting conditions don’t allow hitting g’s and g’s, a batsman may get frustrated. On the other hand a person who is calm at mind, he may use it as a benefit to score by taking short runs in g’s and g’s. This enlightenment comes from partiality, which teaches not how to bat, but how to handle situations. 1. 3 Spirituality at workplace Taking this example – when exams are on head and students are under full pressure to study. Many a times out of tension and pressure students might not be able to do well in the papers. The result is low scores.

If at such times when the student Just keeps on having positive thought and attitude will help him fare well in the exams. After hearing this, one might think that this was an example of positive thinking rather than spirituality. But positive thinking is a part of spirituality. Being aware of eating positive thoughts at tensed moments it self is true spiritualism. Spiritualism doesn’t start or end at a particular task. It is a way of living. Again people may debate that motivation and spirituality don’t last for long. Well, neither does bathing- that’s why we recommend it daily.

Thus being a spiritual self means not only having help in enhancing the performance and also improving inner personality. Now-a- days meditation workshops, spiritual seminars, music therapy seminars are being arranged at industrial and at corporate world too. It helps in pacifying the constant gushing minds of human beings. It gives a chance to them to take a halt and feel the inner peace. Now, instead, if people apply spirituality at each activity they perform, not only will they enjoy their work, but also they will feel satisfaction, which in itself may turn into being a motivational factor. . 4 A key to happiness Spirituality helps humans in inculcating better values of living. May it be truth, harmony, happiness, etc. One realizes that all the incidences we are facing today are the result of our thoughts. We ourselves are creators of our future. The more positive we think, the more positive results we can expect, may it be in terms of results, elation or anything and everything. These thoughts create a positive atmosphere around us. All this creates happy vibrations for the individual. “When I take care of self, I can take care of others.

When I am Happy and Love myself, I can bring happiness in others Life and Love them! “-Anonymous. As described before, happiness is what all humans wish for. Thus it helps an individual to transform into a person with lot of enthusiasm and happiness. All this reflects in the work we do. We all have experienced this someday that we get a bad output of the work, which we have done when we are in a bad mood. When we are in a good state of mind, it is automatically reflected in our work, rather the speed at which we do our work also increases.

Spirituality helps you not only to bring positive thoughts, but an awakened mind retains these thoughts on the long run. Happiness should not be a destination. It’s a Journey. It often happens that we keep on waiting for happiness. We often think, “If I get this I’ll be happy! If I’ll go there I’ll be happy! ” But we fail to realize happiness is not something we should wait for but something which we can realize and cherish every moment. Happiness is what you think, you say, and what you do are in harmony! “-Mohammad Gandhi (1869 – 1948) “The happiness of life depends on the quality of our thoughts”-Marcus Aurelia’s.

Happiness lies in reading; happiness is in playing; it’s in dancing. Thus, happiness can be anything and everything at any and every moment. “Happiness is not something readmes, It comes from your own actions! ” – Dalai Lama. Spirituality makes us undertake these actions. Spirituality in itself makes you do a task, which you like, and makes you like the task that you do. This makes a person content. Happiness sought from entombment is the truly sought happiness. 1. 5 Help in improving life-skills Majority of us believe in God. The one who doesn’t believe may have his own specific reasons.

This has become a trend that we keep on asking anything and everything we want from God. It’s like all of us expect Him to give only good results for us, independent of whether we have worked for it or no, whether we deserve it or no, everyone wants good results. On the path of enlightenment, one realizes that God is not a wish fulfiller but he’s a well-wisher. Even Santa Innate has preached to find God in our deeds. Followers of Withal” are known for their devotion to God amidst work. Thus spiritual awakening is required to persevere towards the wishes. We sometimes even blame God if things go wrong with us.

But if one is aware that incidences that happen with us are all the results of our own thoughts and deeds- ‘karma’ he may not pressures in a much better way. According to aerodynamic laws, the bumblebee cannot fly because its weight is in higher proportion than its wingspan. But ignoring all this, it flies away. This is the power of ‘karma’, our own inner strength and will. “Spoken words cannot be taken back” – Anonymous. This is a true saying. Many a times after speaking we realize that we shouldn’t have spoken what we said. This happens out of the habit of speaking without thinking.

Thoughts should always precede our speech. If a person is alert and mentally firm, he’ll think before speaking. Spirituality helps us develop this alertness. Spirituality doesn’t teach you how to think before speaking. It teaches a person to be aware, both, physically and mentally. Human nature is remarkably affected by actions and reactions of other people. A rude reply from a person makes us angry, no replies make us sad. It’s like lending the emote of our happiness in hands of other people. We tend to get affected a lot from the people in our vicinity. If we avoid it, we tend to be happier.

Spirituality teaches us to have control on our thoughts. It helps us modify and change our thoughts for a better living. Spirituality simply makes us understand the importance of mind over matter. It enables optimist and us to become independent, self-less. Spirituality teaches us one of the biggest principles of life- not to expect anything from anyone. It helps us to control our thought process, in turn our actions and thus our directions also. Once we achieve control over these fundamental issues, everything else falls in line and our life; its path and destination, all lie in the center of our palms.

Workplace environment is full of several activities. The orders from the boss, the delegation of work to Juniors, and the art to handle different clients, stakeholders, etc. Are all a part of routine schedule. In such a normal course one may apply the art of spirituality to get superb results. For example – If a person talks to Juniors in a blunt and rude manner, the Junior may end up doing the task in a bad mood. This may cause poor exults of the work. However, if the Junior is assigned a task with due respect and with a calm explanation, he may create wonders.

Thus it is very important to maintain a striking balance. This balance can be achieved by a calm and alert mind, which is the true outcome of spirituality. Apart from this, the increasingly concern in the urban corporate offices is the evil of stress. Stress, has become an inseparable and integral part of the modern society. This stress not only brings an imbalance in the performance of an individual in his work but also brings an impact on his personal health. Spiritual awakening helps an individual to breakthrough such stress and feel rejuvenated in all chores he does.

Spirituality, as discussed earlier, will bring positive vibes in the individual making him/ her perform tasks with more energy and enthusiasm. 1. 6 Spirituality- An art of living Imagine if each and every individual on this earth starts moving ahead on the path of spirituality, how beautiful this world will be! Good thoughts all around will help in transforming the earth to a corruption free world. Schools and universities will be free from Jealousy mistrust and distrust. Corporate sectors; where everyone will work to Just for their salaries but will work with a great bonding of love, trust, knowledge and harmony.

No differences based on gender, religion, and caste etc. ‘All under one and one under all! ‘ People will start coming together, standing united. It is easy to imagine but it takes time to come in reality. Similarly spiritual enlightenment is not a has to be practiced daily. It grows with each day. “If one believes that love and peace are Just a click that must have been left behind in ass, that’s a problem. Peace and love are eternal”-John Lennox. Thus spirituality-a path of enlightenment, placement of inner-selves, a road towards true happiness helps not only in improving us but also ameliorate our vicinity.


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