South America Essay

Before I started writing down my recipes for the region of South America I had no clue what all these dishes would taste or look like. When I started reading the South America chapter I noticed there were lots of places and dishes I had never even heard of before. I never would’ve thought that South America was that close to the United States, I always thought that it was on the other side of the world. Once I did my research I learned a lot about South America that I didn’t even know about. So many interesting things are provided by this chapter based on South America.

According to the Culinary School of Art text book. South America is the fourth largest continent around the world. South America consists of lots of waterfalls, mountains. Rain forests and also the driest deserts. “What Is considered the longest river in the world is located in South America witch is the Amazon River. The highest waterfall; Angel Falls is located in Venezuela. Venezuela declared itself independent of Spain in 1811. Venezuela is one of the world’s top ten oil producers. This grassy country has over 100 species of mammals and over 300 species of birds.

Brazil covers nearly half of South America. The southeast of Brazil is where It Is mostly populated region. ” SAA Paulo and Roll De Jeanine are among the world’s ten largest cities. ” Columbia Is the only country In South America with both Caribbean and Pacific Coasts. Ecuador sits directly on the equator. In Peru lie that Andes mountains which contain active volcanoes and rain forests. Indeed, some country are more over populated than others” (Nines 49). The food in South America is different Just like in any other continent.

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Each country has deferent cultures and traditions. Not every country In South America are the same. It all depends what country you go to Is what someone will find. Again referencing from the International Culinary School of Art text book, there’s over 20 varieties of corn and over 240 varieties of potato in South America. The Inca Empire were the ones that planted the potato. The main crop in Venezuela is the sugarcane but they also have a very strong fishing industry which makes them famous for sardine and shrimp.

Columbia is known for its coffee crops. Ecuador Is known for its chive’s. Bola is known for Its saltines and madness but the Bolivian beer Is also very popular. Chile Is known for its grapes to make wine as well as Argentina. Argentina is known to be the beef capital of the world. The people that raise the cattle and sheep in Argentina are known as “Gauchos”. In conclusion, I never would’ve thought South America would have all these interesting things to learn about.

There’s so many beautiful places someone that eves to travels that South America offers, So many delicious dishes for someone that loves to try new things to eat. No one will ever get tired of eating the same thing in South America because every country provides different specialties. Every country has different things to offer a tourist. Traveling and getting to discover new continents is something someone would definitely should try doing. Nines, M. And The International Culinary Schools at The Art Institutes. (2008). International Cuisine. Wiley


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