Sona 2013 Essay

Because if you give and give the tendency of that other will Just depend on what you give and will not find other opportunity to keep living. There are people who About President’s plan of strengthening the agricultural sector I totally agree with that. Because we Filipino have been marked as an agricultural country but it seems that we’re not. There is a little percentage of student care enrolling in agriculture courses. And we must encourage others to enroll and engage in agricultural sector cause as you can see us who have been marked as agricultural country still importing rice from other country because we are lack or running out of supply.

And Improving irrigation system of farmers is a good idea for us to cope up with the other crops we need. Protecting Filipinos from natural calamities and solving the problem of floods are a good idea also. Because we are prone to typhoon and it takes time in order for us to get well again. Removal of informal settlers from high-risk areas is a good start to prevent large damages and in order for them to be safe in a more stable place. The idea of strengthening the police force is important because we really need that. Police power now as I can see is far from other country. We must sufficiently trained or produce a credible, reliable, effective, trust worthy and law abider police officer who can protect us from vain.

The Mindanao peace process must accomplish in order for us to have peace. We must unite and don’t create war. We are different in ideology but we’re one in blood. There are so many of our fellow soldiers died because of that war, there are so many future and dream been broken, life been taken and for me it’s enough. We must reconcile. We must unite for the comfort and happiness of everybody because there’s no point in killing each other and in the end we’re hurt. Stop killing and create peace. Resurgence of Philippine economy. Our economy must recover from any damages been held. Loss can’t be regain perfectly again but we can avoid and prevent. Having a good economy is having a good life also.

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Producing large number of opportunities for Filipinos, rapid growth in GNP, GAP, and export; lowering inflation and national expense can take us in good. We must regain our economic stability before all of our artwork became useless. In this fourth SONS of our President, I’m hoping that he can achieve what he says together with us. I know it’s hard but we can try, and cooperate. To those who been having pleasure in using our money kindly minimize it, pork barrel is large enough for you so share it to your people. Create national peace and love. Reference: http://www. Mikado. Com/sons-2013-summary-reaction-paper/ http://nicknamed. Com/politics/president-Aquinas-sons-2013-full-text-summary- highlights-important-points-and-reaction-paper/ http://countrymen. Info/en/ Philippines/


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