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Some of the most important wars that altered the course of the Western Society were the Hundred Years’ war, World War I and World War II.      The Hundred Years’ War (1337-1453) was a war between France and England that lasted 116 years. During those years there were periods of exhaustion and periods were war was least active due to the Black Death, a disease transmitted for rats that killed at least 40 percent of the population in Europe. This war was a fight over the control of the Kingdom of France. The goal of the English was to claim territory in France, expand their territory, and have the king of England, king of France too. The goals of France were to remove all the English from France and get back their territory. As a result of this war, which ended in 1453, England was expulsed from all French territories only keeping Calais and there was a growth of nationalism in England and France.     During the Great War, more than 20 million soldiers died and others ended sick by influenza, which was spread during the war. As the effects of the war Allies imposed the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 and made Germany responsible for damages done to the population of the Allies during the war. Also, the Empire of Austria- Hungary was dissolved as a result of the war and Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia were created. Poland which was divided among Germany, Russia, and Austria-Hungary was reconstituted. It was also established the League of Nations that was the first global organization in history to prevent future wars but was not so effective since it led to World War II.The World War II was the most deadly event of the late modern period. Twelve million people died in this war and almost half of them were Jews. World War II left powerful economically to only two countries; Union Soviet and United States. The Soviet Union was only affected on the western side, which helped them to recover quickly, and the United States sent troops to Europe, there was no fighting in U.S land.  Actually, this war helped the United States economy to recover from the Great Depression.Another major result of the war was the formation of the United Nations, this global organization divided powers in five major countries, United Kingdom, France, United States, China and the Soviet Union.The last major change of the war was women got more independent. During the period of the war, women had to assist in factories, offices, farms and even as nurses since all men were sent to fight in the war. When men came back from the war women had gained independence and refused to leave their jobs and new “lifestyles”. For this reason, the government had no choice but allow women to work and offer “equally” in pay.


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