Solving a Motivation Problem Essay

( 1 ) Nature Of CNC Company ’s Contract I am working at the CNC Consulting Engineers Pte. Ltd. as an inspector. Our company has contracted with the ABC Authority to transport out the review of route and route installations constructions and giving advice how to make mending the defects and keep them to the Authority. Bases on the contract. we need to make normal review of the roads harmonizing to the day-to-day agenda and review for the feedback that public complains. We have to do studies for the captured defects and subject them to the Authority. After that. Authority asks the other contractor to mend the defects.

This is how we are keeping the route and supplying smooth transit system to users. The contract period is 2 old ages and can be extended to another 2 old ages merely if the Authority satisfy the company’s public presentation in which all the staff can make Authority’s demands of the current contract. ( 2 ) Nature Of The Job There are some tough occupations that all the inspectors don’t like to make. Harmonizing to the occupation nature. they have to make the review and coverage to the Authority regardless of clip i. e. even on midnight and early forenoon upon the Authority’s petition.

Inspectors have to be patient on the public complain and are needed to do certain they have checked decently and reported to the Authority. ( 3 ) Motivation Problem After 1 twelvemonth from the starting of contract. our company. nevertheless. are confronting the jobs to widen another 2 old ages contract. Other than that company got some fined. punishment. demerit points and warning letters from the Authority because of inspectors’ public presentation. If the same state of affairs continues for another 6 months. we all can’t acquire following contract. So the company is looking for the solution. During the clip. what I noticed is that there are motivational jobs.

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I think most of the staffs are needed to be motivated. I is because of the undermentioned grounds. Since the contract has started. company allowed inspectors to make their paper plants in their premises after completion of normal review. At the clip. what the company’s consideration was that they don’t need to supply installations such as office room. computing machines. pressmans and other office installations for all 30 inspectors. So they can salvage a batch of money associating to these installations. However. all the inspectors can’t be to the full controlled as times goes by. The ground is that they do their occupation separately after describing to the Authority every forenoon.

We have to settle our jobs separately associating to the occupations and we don’t have internal regular meeting. All the direction and communicating are done by electronically such as electronic mail. phone etc. It is non an effectual manner of communicating because inspectors became unwillingness to make the occupation and avoiding duties. After 1 twelvemonth. company did non supply tip for their public presentation. Project Manager failed to maintain his promise to give fillip at the terminal of the twelvemonth. As a effect. all the inspectors think he may besides neglect to maintain it in back-to-back old ages.

Making occupation separately without tip based on public presentation and regular meeting. it looks like we are non working in a company. We don’t have a warm and happy working environment. Then inspectors are working parttime occupation to acquire excess money. The chief review occupation. therefore. has been impacting. Some people even tried to happen another better occupation and wanted to vacate from this company. As a consequence. we got many remarks from Authority and company may non possible to go on another 2 old ages contract. ( 4 ) Application Of Motivation Theories To settle these jobs. the undermentioned motive theories should be applied.

First of all. six groups with 5 members should be formed and each group has one leader. 3 groups have one coordinator. So there will be 2 coordinators and 6 leaders for 30 inspectors. And all inspectors must be redeployed to an office room. So. better relationship. brotherhood spirit. coordination for the occupation and sharing experience can be established. It will go easy to command all the inspectors for Project Manager. Furthermore. it will get down to make a warm happy working environment. Second. Undertaking Manager can closely watch each inspector’s public presentation and define Theory X worker and Theory Y worker.

Harmonizing to Douglas McGegor. Theory X workers who are lazy. seek to avoid duty and dislike work should be motivated by utilizing coercive power. commanding or threating with penalty such as suspending publicity. giving more responsibility. On the other manus. Undertaking Manager should happen X workers’ different forces demands and do partial carry throughing their demands. Meanwhile. Project Manager may seek Theory Y worker who are originative. seek duty. tidal bore to larn and can work under force per unit area should be awarded and given flexibleness with their occupations.

Third. PM may make competitory systems between groups and may inquire group leaders to make so. Then he may measure and acknowledge each group. some outstanding inspectors during weekely and monthly meeting. In this manner. Theory Ten workers can be transformed to Theory Y workers so as to acquire each person’s full efficiency in the occupation. ( 5 ) Possible Accomplishment After transforming Ten worker to Y worker. making a better working environment and carry throughing basic human demands. their physical safety. bettering societal personal businesss at work. our company can give better public presentation to Authority and go on another 2 old ages contract.

We can besides melt out old remarks from the Authority. ( 6 ) Decision In order to actuate staff. we must acknowledge that there are different personal demands and ends of persons. We need to believe the flexible in suiting the cultural differences within a diverse work force when trying to actuate workers. We should measure and honor employees on the footing of accomplishments. cognition. experience in the field and behaviours they possess. Motivation of staff should be done non merely when the jobs come out but besides on a regular basis.


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