Social Networking Conclusion Essay

As we have learned from all the information presented to us in the communication world, there are many choices out there to relay tidbits of talk, video, emails, text, global connection via MySpace or Facebook, and face to face communication via webcam; it all just depends on how you (as a user) chooses to use the outlet. All the communication we have investigated has to do with mostly snippets of information, like a text through Twitter, or a blurp on Facebook; these are not communication or networking sites where you would post novels, but enough information to get the word out, the point across, or the video posted.

Businesses rely heavily on social and professional networking sites; as well as customers, individuals, and entrepreneurs. The uses of these networks differ from user to user, if businesses use social networking it may be to let consumers or competitions know of deals and offers, products, services, and comments and posts from users of products or services. Whereas the public may use a social networking site to connect to an old friend, play a game, or post a comment on a product they just bought from a company.

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So many different types of companies use these sites that it has almost made the phone book obsolete, where you could turn a page to get a phone number, now you can go online and find out who works there, what they do, where they are located, and what others think about this company. Could you imagine how big the yellow pages would be if it gave you all the information you can get out there now just through networking sites? The uses are endless for social networking and I don’t see an end to the expansion these networks could have.


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