Social institutions Essay

Social Institutions This essay will explore the ways In which two key social Institutions Influence my development. Institutions are sets of cultural ideas about how things are to be done by people who are organized around certain activities. These ideas constitute guidelines for social groupings to follow. Two social institutions have and continue to play an Important role In defining who I am today, media and family. Media Is a very influential institution considering society has become dependent on it. Media constantly provides viewers with images, news, and information.

What the media orators however may not always be a reliable source as information can easily become distorted. Along with media, family Is Important and Influential primarily because of the countless hours one spends with their family. Family taught me what is socially acceptable such as using your manners, going to the washroom, and having good communicational skills. In this essay I will argue that media and family are two fundamental social institutions contributing to my process of colonization because they teach me norms, outline the status and roles I play within them, and influence me in my development.

Media and family have superior roles in my process of colonization over other social institutions such as politics, education, and religion. These processes have effectively shaped my understandings, values, and beliefs regarding society. Specifically, media and family play a larger role as opposed to politics, education and religion because throughout my childhood, more time was dedicated to media and family. The more time spent within an institution, the more influential it becomes.

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Deferent institutions will influence deferent people however these two contribute to my values, beliefs, Ideologies and my process of colonization he greatest. Media is defined as a means of communication, and dominates people’s attention. Society has become dependent on media over the past decade for a variety of reasons such as quick answers to what the weather forecast is, current events, and stocks. The Mass Medal Includes everything from newspapers to magazines, books, television, and radio broadcast. Throughout my childhood, media has grown and become a determining factor on what is regard as acceptable.

In media, I play the status of an audience member and consumer. I am an audience member to the Individuals I am watching or reading about, whether It Is on television, In the swapper, or on the radio, and I am a consumer to the advertisements. Every newspaper article, TV broadcast, and radio show is written or talked about with a set values or beliefs in mind. Media has been extremely influential on my development because the values and beliefs manifested In media have been convincing to me from a young age.

As a child, it is hard to refrain from agreeing with what the media is portraying. However, as I mature and become older I take my own position on the information I am consuming. Everyone, including myself has his or her own personal opinions, but ideologies are occupied by society. Medal Identifies an abundance of FIFO everywhere and in contact with everyone whether it be through advertisements in subway stations or on buses, roadside billboards, news stations, or the newest and rapidly increasing cyber media.

Cyber media, such as twitter, has expanded rapidly, becoming a main source for others to express their own opinions and interpret the opinions of others. Particularly, cyber media has impact on me as it provides me with the opportunity to see and understand the type of lifestyle that people of icon stature live. The norm of media is ambiguous as it is the basis for defining norms. Media creates trends and influences society about their opinions on certain aspects of life. However, there are norms regarding how Journalists, or members of media go about their business.

Norms include the style of writing used and where to draw the lines on the information being formulated. Media is an institution that has influenced my way of thinking as well as my worldview on particular aspects. Athletes and celebrities who are portrayed in the media are influential and become role models for many children, adolescents, and adults. As a child, I looked up to celebrities and attempted to be, act, and talk Just like them. Nonetheless, media can be detrimental to its audience and consumers as it exposes acts of violence, abuse, sexual activity, and drugs/alcohol. , as an audience member or consumer play the role of determining whether or not I want to believe or listen to the information being communicated. Mass media has a large impact on everyone because it is everywhere and constantly spreading. The Internet is a space where people voice their opinions and share ideas. At times, society influences media through sites such as Backbone and or blobs. These particular sites allow individuals to state their insights on certain issues, and grant other individuals interacting with the same media type the opportunity to agree or disagree.

Authors that publish information tend to be non-bias. News is edited before it is published, as opposed to Internet sites, which give more freedom as to what information is communicated. Similarly, with television, the broadcast company often has the final say in what gets aired and what does not. Thus, they control what information is being communicated and ensure that this information has a particular affect on its viewers. Correspondingly, mass media depends on its viewers to survive. Media has contributed to my view on colonization because Just like sociology, media is constantly changing.

Media shaped and continues to shape my life in a positive way. Successful people are constantly the main topic of media talk, and due part to the way their lives are portrayed, I become determined to be Just as successful. Media has shaped my life in the sense that media has been a guideline. The values and beliefs of media through the process of colonization are unique. Although media can have positive influences on individuals, such as how the elk of successful people had an influence on myself, it can also negatively impact someone. Media attempts to sell every story.

Sometimes these stories may have underlying messages encouraging children that it is acceptable to do rebellious things such as to drink and smoke. Moreover, the way actors are portrayed in certain television shows may encourage viewers to take part in a number of violent acts that are seen as acceptable on the show. This negative influence also plays a role in my development of colonization. Thankfully, my family has taught me that certain messages, I will not be persuaded in a negative way. Family ultimately has a greater influence on me over media.

Nevertheless, media has the power to engage or entertain, to create and destroy, to open spaces and close them. We live in a world of media, not a media world. “Norms inform people about what they are supposed to do and not do, in given institutional setting” (Launderettes). A nuclear family is seen as the norm in Canada consisting of two parents, typically a mother and father, along with two children. The status I have in my family is a brother and a son. I am a brother to an older sister and the youngest son in a family of four. As Professor Launderettes stated, “no status is an island” (Launderettes).

Statuses are in relation to each other and all statuses are positions that are achieved, not positions that one is born into. Statuses are not spread over society equally. In a simple society one will obtain a few statuses as opposed to a complex society where one may occupy multiple statuses. My family contributes to my process of colonization because my parents set excellent examples for myself and encourage me. For instance, when I was a child I believed my parents could do no wrong, they influenced the food I ate, he clothes I wore, and the attitude I had.

My parents typically influence me through positive reinforcements. Families are close-knit groups built on trust and respect. Trust and respect is fundamental for family ties because as a child grows up they must respect their parent’s decisions and earn their parents trust. It is essential for children to have a strong and lasting relationship with their parents. Daily events that occur such as eating dinner at the dinner table with your family are considered norms. The key to what is considered acceptable depends on what the majority of individuals follow.

The institution of family has shaped my way of thinking largely as I spend numerous hours with them daily. Parents are seen as role models and in essence set examples with their actions. When spending a significant amount of time with someone it is possible that your beliefs, values, and ideologies would be very similar. My parents taught me how to resolve issues, how to be a good student, and how to find determination to work for what I truly want. Evidently, family as an institution is important because there is an inner connection and bond that each member shares with one another.

This bond is unbreakable and could last a lifetime. Professor Launderettes stated that a social relationship could be defined as social interaction with a constant pattern. Keeping this in mind it would be fair to state that my family interacts on a social pattern, creating social relationships within my household. In addition I believe having parents as the largest influence is a norm in society because one would assume that the parents of a child are indeed their greatest influence. In my family we value our close relationships with one another and a specific value we share is communication.

Failing to communicate effectively will result in misunderstandings and thus create problems. Knowing that my family and I can have open discussions about what is on our minds is comforting and necessary. Cultural practices such as traditions keep the family close-knit and unique. Family traditions play a large role in my development of colonization because they allow my family and I to practice our own values, beliefs, and present us with an opportunity to differentiate them from the norms of society. Family traditions differentiate from the rest of society particularly in Canada because it is a

As seen in society the term family has expanded to the possibility of family being a close group of friends, or a sporting team. I focused on immediate family however this proves that the way we socialize and interact constantly changes, creating many aspects of sociology. To conclude, this essay analyzed two main social institutions that contributed to my process of colonization the most. The impact these social institutions had on me as a child still remain with me to this day. It is often easier said than done to change things inculcated at such an early age. Media has slowly changed society as a whole ND influenced me to a great extent.

Media is everywhere and impacts everyone. In this essay it was argued that media and family are two very important social institutions contributing to my process of colonization because they taught me norms, the status and roles I play within them and influenced me in my development. Throughout this essay I analyzed why institutions such as media and family played a larger role in my development of colonization as opposed to other institutions such as politics, religion, and education. Media and family have also contributed to my beliefs, values and ideologies though their preaching and examples.


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