Social can get from Facebook on the

Media Metrics of Facebook

can collect a lot of data from Facebook. The amount of information we can get
from Facebook on the performance of our posts, demographics, audience, and
campaign tracking is wonderful. While having all of this information available
is perfect, it’s only useful if we understand which data point matter the most
for our business.

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1.     Engagement:
 Engagement is one of the most important
Facebook metrics that can track. It’s valuable because it may give our posts
more exposure to our audience. Engagement measures the number of times someone
took action on a post. That’s meaning is clicking a link, making a reaction,
sharing the post or making a comment. If one of your posts receives huge
numbers of engagement, that sign to Facebook that it’s popular, so they’ll be
more likely to surface it to your followers. To track engagement we should
check the Facebook Insights.


2.     Reach: It means that number of user
a content is seen by on Facebook. This can be with paid or organic. Facebook modify
to an algorithm based feed a few years ago. As a result, many businesses saw
hard drops in the amount of people their content reaches organically.

So even if you’ve
developed a large amount audience, it doesn’t mean they can all see your posts.

Unfortunately, success cannot be achieved at the same level in each of the
post. This describes the importance of tracking reach. It helps you learn and
understand what your audience likes, and why certain posts better perform
others. That’s where reach comes into play. We can look the reach data from
page insight.


 Impression:  Impression is related to the visibility
of the posts. Reach shows that how many people saw the posts, but impression
measure that the number of times the post were seen.

3.     Page
Likes and Follows:
Page likes are the number of people that follow a brand’s Facebook profile.

When people like a page or chose to be able to have the page’s post show up in
their feed. We can think them as subscribers or fans. Page likes show us the
audience size of a page.

4.     Negative
Feedback: It
means that “negative” action taken by a fan on your content. It can be hiding a
certain post, hiding all future posts from your Page, disliking your Page or
reporting it as spam. To explain it simply the negative feedback metric counts
the number of users who really did not like your content.

5.     Ad
Metrics: There
is a long list of over 100 metrics that can measure for running a Facebook Ads.

These metrics depend on your brand’s social media goal.

Click-through Rate- CTR

Cost Per Click – CPC

Cost Per Action – CPA

Ad Frequency

6.     Video
Metrics: Facebook
ensure huge data to allow us to measure the success of our videos that we
shared, whether we are running a video ad, or live streaming, etc.

a.     Video

b.     Video

c.     Video



6 Facebook Metrics Marketers Should Be Measuring


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