Singapore Airlines Essay

Singapore Airlines (SIA) began in 1947 as Malayan Airlines in a joint venture between the Malaysia and Singapore governments. However, due to political disagreements between Singapore and Malaysia in 1965, the two governments agreed to set up separated airlines, resulting in the formation of two bodies namely, Singapore Airlines and Malaysian Airlines System. Thus, Singapore Airlines was established in 1972 after the Republic of Singapore’s Independence from the Malaysia Federation.

Singapore Airlines was incorporated as a solely owned subsidiary of the Singapore government through Temasek Holdings Private Limited on 28 January 1972 as a public company with limited liability. SIA is considered one of the most successful airlines, given its fastest growing fleets in the world despite having to be one of the youngest airlines. As at end March 1999, SIA was operating 572 passenger flights a week out of Singapore.

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SIA aims to be not only an excellent company, but also to be an excellent citizen through the enhancement of the lives of the people in contact. The principal activities of SIA is to provide air transportation, aero-engine overhauling services, simulator training terminal services, marketing of aircraft cabin equipment, properties, aviation and general insurance and related activities. SIA has never failed to outperform its competitors throughout its history with consistent performance.

Differentiation through service excellence and innovation, together with simultaneous cost leadership in its peer group had led to SIA sustaining its completive advantage. Currently, SIA has four subsidiaries, namely, SilkAir, TradeWinds Tour, SIA Engineering Company and SIA Cargo. These subsidiaries increase their offerings and commitment of providing the highest quality of air transportation services to their customers around the world.


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