Significance of Planarians Sample Essay

Planarians are non-parasitic platyhelminths of the phylum Platyhelmintes found in fresh H2O like pools or lakes. In my research paper I focused on Schmidtea mediterranea planarians found in Tusinia and southern Europe which are extensively used as a theoretical account being to analyze development and regeneration procedure ( Newmark 2012 ) . Schmidtea mediterranea are chosen by research worker in molecular biological science and genetic sciences field because these planarians have diploid chromosomes and are hermaphroditic i. e. holding both nonsexual and sexual constituent ( Sanchez 2005 ) . Planarians have alone ability to renew complete person from a bantam organic structure portion i. e. little portion of the planarian is able to renew the whole new organic structure. The ability of regeneration is due to the presence of the bodily root cells present neoblasts spread throughout the organic structure of planarian ( Rossi 2003 ) .

Planarians can last famishment by selective devastation and de-differentiation of organic structure variety meats with decrease debasement in their form. Researcher and scientist Alejandro Sanchez Alvarado at the University of Utah School of Medicine in Salt Lake City believes that bring outing the basic theory behind the regeneration in planarian can assist in better apprehension of human root cells. although there will be some differences in genomics and morphology ( Ledford 2007 ) . Researchers believe that analyzing lower beings like planarian spring hints about human root cells. using assorted techniques like barricading and pull stringsing the spread junctions that permit the flow of little molecules and ions between the cells. These surveies are done to detect their consequence on the regenerative abilities and reservoir of root cells in the neoblasts.


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Ledford. Heidi. ( 2007. August 2 ) . Flatworms’ starring function in stem-cell research. Nature 448. 522.


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