Should Tv Commercials Be Removed? Essay

That is the Question On televisions, in the bus, on billboards, on the pages of the newspaper, in mall comfort rooms?these are where we can see advertisements posted or stationed. Advertisements are seen almost everywhere to reach its goal of publicizing a product to the viewing public. To attain as many people as possible, companies take the medium of television to advertise because it offers the best way to reach the greatest amount of people at one time, whether it is locally, nationally or even internationally.

These commercials occupy 1/3 to h of the airtime of shows and programs causing the audience to have a proposition to eradicate commercials especially during news programs. This was projected because commercials lessen the time that are provided for the reports about the latest incidents around us. This paper aims to show the pros and cons of whether to remove commercials or not on news programs. Commercial advertisement on television is a span of programming produced and paid for and by an organization, which conveys a message, to keep the audience informed of new products, sales and special promotions.

These advertisements keep broadcasting businesses alive since it provides a significant portion of the funding for the businesses’ projects and operations. Though it keeps the industry alive, it destroys the focus of people on the news when the reports are submerged within a pile of commercials. This is the reason why people came to a decision to get rid of commercials. But the more important things to know are the sides and the motives of these sides in this issue.

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Commercials should be banned on TV especially on news programs because of the following reasons: (1) it restrains important factual news (2) it opts the audience to to watch the news anymore (3) the news delivered to the general audience becomes insufficient because of the deficiency in time. First, commercials restrain news to become true, straight to the point, and factual. It is because of the reality that news programs rely on their sponsors thus making them under the power of the money of these sponsors.

Due to the obligation of the program to thank the people behind its continuous run on air, news regarding the sponsors may be blocked or may not be handed over to the audience. Issues like quality control, sanitary predicament, and workers rebellion may not be reported. This is for the reason that the news program together with the sponsor tries to save the name of the sponsor for the continuous good marketing and money-giving to the news program. Therefore, news was seconded by the priority of keeping the sponsor and the money.

Next, commercials should be excluded from TV shows because it bores and tires the audiences making them feel not to watch the news anymore. Having the choice to switch the channel from one to another, the audience has the choice to not watch the commercials and at times they are not able to go back to the show they were originally watching. In this scenario, the news program is also affected because their viewers diminish and their ratings inferiors. Commercials Just setbacks and holds Dacca ten news program. Lastly, commercials deteriorate the construction and delivery of news because it lessens the time intended for the report.

Instead of offering a wider range of news topic, important issues are picked to fit the need of the audience for news and the aim of advertisers to get more customers at the same time. Moreover, the news delivered to the general audience becomes insufficient because time is insufficient as well. The contradictory proposition for eradicating of commercials on TV has the following reasons: (1) All people, organizations and businesses have guaranteed freedom of speech in the Constitution (2) Commercials inform and give the public an idea on what is on the market; and (3) It is still a meaner of livelihood for TV networks.

Article Ill Section 4 of the Bill of Rights of the Philippines presents that: “No law shall be passed abridging the freedom of speech, of expression, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances. Thus, controlling and removal of advertisements are against the constitution. Advertisements are expressions of companies to the public for the public to avail their service or product. Taking away advertisements are like setting aside the rights of the companies to market their products.

Commercials though sometimes annoying are useful, instructive and enlightening. It creates awareness among people about what product or service is available to them or is newly launched. Also, social advertisements provide in-general knowledge to literates and illiterates about various facts in the society. An example is a swashing liquid endorsing the product and informing the public that there are food stains and debris that are not cleaned by detergent bars. Most companies do more than Just endorsing but also notifying because what is pleasing to the customer nowadays is a caring and helpful brand.

Lastly, advertisements should not be banned on TV news programs because it serves as a financial source for broadcasting networks. Without these, any shows and programs on TV will not last long because of the lack of funds. Moreover, advertisements are the living nourishment of networks to keep going on and keep aging quality series and shows. But, advertisements should never overpower the reports because reports solely are what people are looking out for when they switched their television on. Commercials like any other things have advantages and disadvantages.

It is up to the person using or controlling it on how to turn it all to the advantages side. In this case, it is up to the network to entertain both their audience and their sponsors. But, the network must always know that their audience is the vigor to everything the company is doing. Therefore, they must give importance on their audience more. Moreover, the company’s audience is also the customer of the sponsor. Hence, as the network takes care of its audience, the probability of more customers for the sponsor increases. , as a person standing between the two sides, proposes to lessen the number of advertisement during news program breaks. I believe that though commercials are less proportional ruling tons tale, sponsors could use up ten alertly of different shows to advertise their product. In this way, both sponsor and audience are benefited and news can be delivered in the best way possible. As a conclusion, I live that it is through balance that stature is reached. But, it is by weighing what is important that excellence is attained.


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