Session Assignment Essay

Classify the following customer requirements for a hotel using the five key dimensions service quality-reliability, assurance, empathy, tangible or responsiveness. A. Hotel equipment is always functioning: Reliability. B. Hotel management is knowledgeable to answer guest’s questions: Assurance. C. Hotel services are provided as promised: Reliability. D. Hotel has well-dressed staff: Tangibles. E. Hotel has comfortable beds, furniture and fittings: Tangible. F.

Guests feel safe as services delivered to their rooms: Responsiveness. G. Hotel staff is always willing to help guests: Responsiveness. . Hotel furnishing appear to be clean and shiny: Tangible. I. Guest receive individual attention: Empathy. J. Guests feel that hotel services are provided at a competitive and affordable price: Reliability/Assurance. Q Consider the following expectations for a fast food restaurant. Classify them as dissatisfies, satisfiers, or exciters ‘delighter. Justify your reasoning. A.

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Special prices on certain days: This will come as exciters/delighter because any special pricing will be considered as a promo and that IS an unexpected feature. B. Food is safe to eat: Food being safe is the basic necessity that has o be met so this is a dissatisfies. C. Hot food is served hot: When going to a restaurant I expect hot food to be hot, like fumes coming out of it, not being so will be a dissatisfies. D. Service is friendly: When going to a restaurant I expect the staff to be friendly and with a smile, not being so will be a dissatisfies. . Background music: expect the restaurant to be quite but having a light background music will be satisfiers but when the music becomes noisy I consider it as dissatisfies.


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