Serena: The Ignorance of Pemberton Essay

My read allowed me to see another path that could’ve been taken that would’ve changed the story in an altogether positive way. This path can be opened by a simple question; what if he’d married Rachel? Phenomenon and Serene were supposedly the perfect couple, and it’s easy to believe so. They had plenty of things in common. They both had a demeanor of confidence about them. It can be assumed that Phenomenon was looking for this quality in a woman, due to the fact that he needed someone that could intimidate both his workers and his business competition.

She definitely did that and more wrought the novel, as is apparent when the workers start telling tall tales about her. The confidence that inspired these tales also caused another similarity between her and Phenomenon; both had incredibly determination. Phenomenon was known for being a man you couldn’t say no to before he met Serene, and then she not only matched that determination, but surpassed It. It was yet another thing Phenomenon was grateful for in business meetings. But the thing that Phenomenon and Serene had the most In common was their level of commitment. Phenomenon loved most that

Serene loved him Just as much as he loved her. Not only that, but she was Just as committed to the advancement of the company as he was, and that was yet another positive that seemed to only help him. Unfortunately for Phenomenon, he didn’t see the downside. HIS wife had done Just like she had with their other shared interests and not only matched his love for her and the company, but surpassed them, diving into a psychotic obsession. Serene and Phenomenon had so many various things in common that it was hard to look through that and see the few things that they differed on.

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Those few things, forever, would change the lives of almost every other character involved. Rash writes the story almost as if from the view of the love-struck Phenomenon; the reader can only tell that Serene Is psycho In the final segment of the story. The main thing that differed between her and Phenomenon was how much she valued a human life. This was evident from near the very beginning, where she showed no real respect to Earache’s father, other than trying to give Rachel her father’s knife. I feel like if Phenomenon had never met Serene, he would have never turned to murder to advance the company.

But even this isn’t the most crucial and fatal difference between Phenomenon and his psychotic spouse. The most Important thing that Phenomenon 1 OFF Maybe she was secretly nervous that Phenomenon would leave her. Maybe she Just hid the fact that she hated him for having a child with another woman and thought their death could count as forgiveness. Either way, as soon as Phenomenon decided to defend someone else against his wife it became completely and wholly evident that Serene wanted him all to herself; if she couldn’t have him isolated to her, then no one could have him at all.

The main question that I ask from seeing the development of the differences between these two is, what would it have been like if he was married to Rachel? I doubt very many readers would believe that Rachel and Phenomenon could have functioned as a couple, but if you look at the way that she grew throughout the latter parts of the novel, I think it would be completely reasonable. After Rachel made it through all the hardship she did she developed to be quite like Phenomenon. The most important similarity between the two of them, though, was evident before she grew up.

It was the fact that they both were hopeless romantic that truly tied them together. Though Serene was obsessed with him, Phenomenon was Just happy to be married to her. I honestly feel that, until the murdering started, Phenomenon was Just helplessly in love. But, Just like he did with Rachel, that drew him in and destroyed his life. They were both blinded by love to the point that they couldn’t see the damage that their partner was causing in their life. Although, even though this was their key similarity, it wasn’t their only one.

Phenomenon and Rachel were also alike in the fact that they both were very resourceful. Even though Rachel had been trained this way by her father, she still grew to be quite aware of her surroundings without him. Another thing that they both shared was the fact that both Rachel and Phenomenon were hard workers. There are several different references in the book to Earache’s reputation as a good worker, and Phenomenon’s goes without saying. Now, I would discuss the differences between Rachel and Phenomenon, but their differences are numerous and obvious and therefore don’t really need an explanation.

So it is a valid argument to say that Rachel wouldn’t get anywhere close o as much work done as Serene did. But if the value of the similarities and the differences were to be weighed, Phenomenon could’ve gotten a good bit done on his own, Rachel wouldn’t have tried to kill him, and they would also have an heir to the throne of the empire they were creating. Also, the entire story would have had a more positive outcome. Having known the workers all personally, Rachel could’ve talked to them all and related to them instead of Serene having to use scare tactics to keep them in line. It would have been a much more peaceful story.

In conclusion, the story was overall changed by the presence of Serene. She may have brought the company to a better place and eventually taken it further, but the differences between Phenomenon and her character caused the deaths of many and benefited only her. Though Rachel and Phenomenon shared little, the differences were much smaller than any murderous act Serene committed. If it hadn’t been for him meeting Serene, Phenomenon would be alive and running a business with a beautiful young wife and child. I think that provides enough of a point. Just think, what if he’d never married a psychopath?


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