Self-Centered Madness Essay

Self-Centered Madness
“Selfish persons are incapable of loving others, but they are not capable of loving themselves either.”- Erich Fromm. Self-centered people are all this world, there running like ants thinking there better than you. Which symptoms show in people well there are several such as those who think about themselves, worry about materialistic items, and they threat others badly because they only see them as objects rather than people? Narcissism: Having excessive pride in one’s self without justification.

There are several people who only think about themselves and it can be a troubling thing in today’s society. Seeing how we have TV shows sucj as Jersey Shore and other reality shows. In Jersey Shore most of the cast only think about their well-being, because they have more money than everyone else or because they they think they look better than others. According to Tina Vasquez of “Common Traits of Self-Centered people show in several ways for example in China they ask you to say I love myself 100 times before coming to work. But some people often take it too far and become self-indulged with their looks.” There is no reason to just think about yourself even if you have more than everyone else, because everyone is equal and everyone has something they are proud of even if it’s not something expensive or huge.

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Materialistic people often are disliked by more people compared to those who seek life through experience and life. “We have found that material possessions don’t provide as much enduring happiness as the pursuit of life experiences,” Van Boven said. Professor Leaf Van Boven an excellent man has studied for decade about the pursuit of happiness and gathering life trough others instead of just items. Cars, money, and jewelry are ways of saying look at me, but when people see them they tend to either be jealous of them or they think they don’t have to work hard. The way this economy is dropping makes things worse for those who are materialistic, because when they are noticed everyone tends to dislike them, because it’s hard to gain what they have. Making social life extremely difficult for them. It’s best if materialistic people are around those who have less that way they see what it’s like and maybe they will change.

Being a self-centered always has its problems, defiantly if you happen to be friends with someone with that state of mind. They tend to treat others poorly and act as if they are just mere objects. Sorry to say, but people aren’t just mere objects they have blood that flows through them, a heartbeat that feeds life through the body, and the brain to help the body think. According to Robert I. Sutton of Work Matters, his colleagues always interrupt him no matter how important the project he was working on she would interrupt him. His colleague always puts herself first over any situation. That’s not right some person could need his help at this time, but because she kept interrupting him this person could have not found the answer to resolve his problem. Never should anyone be treated so poorly for self-centered needs.

Egotistic a person who’s ego exceeds both his intelligence and his capacity to see beyond his own personal interests. There are many sings of being self-centered and there are ways to help there for them and try to show them that not everything is about them. Life is full of hope and people who need help for more ideal things. Only caring about yourself, worrying only about materials, and treating others can be helped if you’re willing to ask for help.


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