Section the perfume market and consumer fragrances

Section A




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Flavours and Fragrances works in 35 countries with headquarters in United
States and employs 7300 employees. Its business is mainly allocated into two units;
flavours and fragrances with the latter creating greater revenue. The fragrance
unit is categorised into two sectors: fine fragrances which targets the perfume
market and consumer fragrances which is tied-up with other FMCG companies which
produces fabric, hair and home care, shampoos, shower gels, air fresheners and
fragrances for detergents.




research aim is to examine consumer’s reaction to fragrances in real life


2.In which
product category does the consumer feel is the longer lasting fragrance most


3.To know
whether the 25-40 year olds are attracted towards strong intense scents.




We can use
both qualitative and quantitative methods to conduct this research as this will
enable us to gather more information which can be useful to satisfy the
objectives of this research work.




Given the
introductory nature of some aspects of the objectives, we will give you with
the complete qualitative information. Focused group will be employed to
investigate and understand the attitudes of potential consumers towards the
brand and later on quantitative research methods will be taken into account to quantify
how general these perspectives are. Focus group will be less expensive when
compared to other methods in the Qualitative research. We will need to show the
product to the consumers and then be able to differentiate it from the products
of our competitors in terms of quality, price, packaging. We will conduct four
focused group interviews which will consist more people of the 25-40 year old
age group and mix of males and females. This method can help us to take into
the third objective of this research work, i.e. to know whether the 25-40 age
group are attracted towards strong intense scents.


qualitative stage will examine the following:











We propose
to design a questionnaire to satisfy the above-mentioned objectives of this
research proposal. We have chosen this method as it is a cost-effective and a
less time-consuming way to get in touch with the relevant respondents. Face to
face interviews will be a very expensive method to conduct this research. We
have suggested to take an online approach because we feel that internet gives
an opportunity to join with the whole world. This gives a guarantee of
achieving the desired number and relevant type of respondents.

The aim of
this research method is to quantify how many consumers feel that in which
product category is the longer lasting fragrance most important. By using all
the data, we will know about the reaction of consumers towards fragrances in
real life experiences.

We have
made this decision to carry out 250 interviews for the people to select
different categories of product which IF are offering in which the
consumers think longer lasting fragrance is important.



questionnaire will be developed by research and sent to International Flavours
and Fragrances for approval. It will include the following:


What type
of products are the consumers been offered and are they satisfied with it.


Is longer
lasting fragrance important.


 What product category do the consumers want
long lasting fragrance in.


What groups
of people are most likely to make use of perfumes containing strong fragrance.


quantities and variety of products are the consumers likely to buy.


What price are
the consumers prepared to pay for the product.


What other
kinds of product category do the consumers require which contains fragrances.




provisional presentation report will be submitted following the qualitative
method used for this research. This will be followed by a conference with
International Flavour and fragrances to confer about the quantitative method
used for this research. All the information gathered will be confidential and
it will be our sole responsibility that it is not leaked by any of your




We will be
able to submit you the final report in 15 weeks from the date of acceptance.

As there is
shortage of time, we would recommend you to accept our proposal in the next two
weeks so that we are able to match your deadlines. When the project is under
process we will send you weekly emails at 12 noon every Friday which will allow
us to let you know what work has been done in that week and if there are any
corrections to be done we can modify the reports in the weekend.




The fees quoted
below are exclusive of VAT and are subject to normal terms and conditions.

The fees
are subject to the assumptions included in these proposals and we reserve the right
to make adjustments if any assumptions prove to be wrong.








Focus Groups

£ 8000


interviews (Questionnaire)

£ 12000



£ 20000

















Section B


research generates non-numerical or statistical data. Qualitative method often
provides textual data which can also involve images and sounds. This method
seeks the quality of something. It is more of exploratory and less structured
and requires deeper understanding of the questions. It can gather attitudes,
feelings and behaviour of the respondents. Qualitative research includes
interviews, focus groups, observation, ethnography and projective techniques. All
methods seek to understand patterns of behaviour in ways that questionnaires
can’t. They are generally used for development and testing of products. To meet
the third objective stated in the research proposal I would recommend to
conduct focus groups. As we would be able to know the behaviours, feelings etc.
of the respondents in the age group of 25-40 and whether they are attracted towards
strong intense scents. I would like to explain more about Focus Groups.


In focus
groups information is gathered through semi-structured group interview. They are
generally used to gather information on a specific topic. First the study
population has to be defined. The population represents the type of people to
be included in the focus groups. For example, in this case we would have to
invite all people from the age group of 25-40 to meet the objectives of the
research. A focus group is most effective with 7-12 participants. A focus group
also includes a moderator and an observer. The moderator guides the discussion
to ensure the research objectives are met. In some cases, there can be more
than one moderator. A great amount of money is spent on focus groups and are regularly
conducted in order to collect data. It is relatively quick, easy and
inexpensive to conduct. International Flavours and fragrances will be able to
save a good amount of money if they go with focus groups and would also be able
to collect more information when compared with other methods of qualitative




research highlights objective measurements and the statistical or numerical
analysis of information gathered through polls, questionnaires, surveys, sales
audit and cross-sectional designs or by controlling the existing statistical or
numerical data using computational methods. It helps in generating statistics,
data displayed in charts, graphs, etc. for example, if you asked a respondent
on a survey whether they would buy more of a product if its quality is improved
and price of the product is also increased. Many factors will be considered by
the respondents as they will have to check the quality of the product because
the price is also increased. There will be different answers to this question
because of different type of respondents which can affect the validity of the

To meet the
objectives of the research for International Flavours and Fragrances I would
recommend to choose questionnaire method.  


A questionnaire
is implemented for gathering data and research that includes a set of questions
in a dissimilar form of question type that is utilized to gather information
from the respondents for the justification of either survey or statistical
study. The most usual formation of a questionnaire is that the open-ended
questions are placed in the first phase of the questionnaire. It is neither bad
nor good as answering open-ended questions is time-consuming and they tend to
require more efforts and a different thought process than any other types of
questions. There is a possibility in most of the cases that the respondents do
not answer the questions in detail, so in this case questions which are easy
and less time consuming to be answered must be placed in the first phase of the
questionnaire. In the end questions which require more efforts and which are
time-consuming can be placed so that response to the questions in the
questionnaire could be better.

There are many strengths of using questionnaire
as a method of conducting research but there are many limitations too. Some of
the strengths are that questionnaires are more practical. A large amount of
information can be gathered by using questionnaire in a short period of time
and in the most cost-efficient way. The result can be obtained more effectively
and quickly. The data gathered can be used to measure the change and to compare
other information. Some of the limitations of questionnaire method are it may
lack validation. It cannot fully gather some forms of data such as emotion,
feelings and behaviour. Only a limited amount of questions can be asked to the
respondents. Its hard to know whether the respondent is honest and serious
enough to answer the questions


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