Secondary Source Analysis Essay

Though first published in 1975 (2014), the author has continued his research n subject matter and continued with other books and publications as well as holds Professor level at a University. It is also still currently available at U libraries webmaster site of scholarly publications. The audience for this article is college based audience as it is very in depth information of continual studies on slave trade. The source itself is reliable to historical research on slaves as Mr… Walling is educated in the matter and instructs on this.

His expressions of the matter as well as inputs can be well interpreted to his knowledge of consistent research on the subject. His reliability makes him a credible source for further research on the slave trade. Though he does not present documentation in citation throughout the article or the pictures provided, and grammatically in the beginning, his attention to detail is not of the most favorable, he does provide further readings for confirmation onto the facts stated in the article. Also, he provides adequate dates to his facts in where make it researchable for confirmation.

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Mr… Williwaw’s article found on he U libraries website is linked to the original publishing website of History Today (2014), which is up to date as of 2014.


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