Scriptural text analysis for mark 6:1-6 Essay



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Mark 6:1-6 is strategically placed. Its theme depicts Jesus as the promised Messiah, Holy one of God, discipleship, the suffering of the believers, teaching and miracles of Jesus making Him unique. He astonished many when He delivered the man with many demons (Legion), heeled the woman who had bled for 12 years and raised Jairus’ daughter (Barker, K. L. 2002). He is portrayed as one who had extra-ordinary power.


The wording in the scripture is different depending on the version. Nevertheless, they mean the same thing. Questions like, “where did he get such power and wisdom to perform such miracles (NLT)? Is not this the carpenter NKJ? Such questions show the low esteem that the Nazarene had for Jesus. According to these residents they believed northing good could come from Nazareth. Amazed and astonished are used interchanging. At one point the people are amazed at the miracles of Jesus and His powers although Jesus is later amazed at how unbelieving they were.


Synagogue- is religious institution among the Jews. It was where they studied scripture and worshiped God. Jesus took advantage of the Jews costume that allowed visiting teachers to participate in worship.

Sabbath –this is the seventh day of the week and the day of worship according to the Jews culture.

Home town/own country/own town- Nazarene an obscure town (Barker, K. L. 2002) It is not mentioned in the Old Testament. Matthew writes that He will be called a Nazarene and it is used as a synonym for the despised. This explains why in verse 3 Jesus is rejected because the people had very little expectation from the city.

Amazement is shown in Mark 6:2 (RSV/ NIV) where people are amazed at the teaching and miracles of Jesus. KJV shows how Jesus is amazed with the unbelief of the Nazarene. Astonished depicts dilemma in the eyes of the crowd on the inherent authority that was not from human as the teachers of the law (Barker, K. L. 2002).

In verse 3, the Pharisees and the teachers of the law enquire whether Jesus is the carpenter’s son. In Greek this is equivalent to Manson, Builder or Smith. Culturally these are people who did common work with there hands. They saw no reason to accept the anointing that was upon Him.


Matthew, Mark and Luke are synoptic gospel. Matthew represents Jesus to the Jews as the promised Messiah. Mark presents Him to the Gentiles as God and His rejection while Luke shows Him as savior and humanity.


Jesus’ nature and rejection is shown to Christian and non Christian. He is the anointed one of God and the promised Messiah (Barker, K. L. 2002). The kingdom of God is different from human expectation. Through preaching the good news, discipleship, the kingdom suffers persecution and rejection. Only the violent shall inherit the kingdom of God. Jesus is the Son of God anointed by the Holy Spirit thus the Holy Trinity.


Barker, K. L. (2002). New International Version: Study Bible. Michigan, U.S.A: Zondervan.


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