Satan in Movies` Essay

Night Shaman and The Devil’s Advocate by Taylor Hackwork, the devil is arrayed as an older deity embodying the old Lady In Devil and the head of a law firm in The Devil’s Advocate. How does the perception of Satan in the modern world cause writers to make him older and In a position of power? In Devil it is revealed at the climax of the plot that Satan is in the body of the old woman Previous to the climax the Police Detective saw on security cam footage that the woman was a pickpocket. In 1:Peter 5:8 Peter says “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to over. The pickpocket woman “prowled around” taking people wallets, though at the same time looking for her victims, the people on the elevator, Yet why does the woman have to be old? Many people would say that with age comes experience. In the book of Job 1 “The Lord said to Satan, “From where have you come? ” Satan answered the Lord and said, “From going to and fro on the earth, and from walking up and down on it. ” Before Jesus was even born, people of the earth wrote and believed that Satan was old and had experienced the earth in a multitude of ways.

What does this say about the Satan in Devil? The Satan figure in Devil takes into account the popular perceptions of Satan from books of the bible, being old and powerful. The Satan figure In The Devil’s Advocate Is similar to Devil’s In only the aspects of being old and in power. The degree of power in The Devil’s Advocate is much broader than In Devil, as AAA Pocono’s character is not restricted by repentance and is free to do as he pleases while the old woman is bound by the power of repentance, becoming unable to kill when one recognizes their own fault.

AAA Pacing is the head of a large awe firm In New York who are said in the movie to only hire the best attorneys In the country. All that is put forth before Kevin Llama is a ruse to further John Million’s plan of creating the Antichrist’s. In Revelation 12:9 Satan Is described as “the deceiver of the whole world”. This version of Satan is much more deceptive than the one in Devil as he will outright kill If the situation arises. This higher seated position of power, the ability to manipulate anything and anyone and reach is ultimate goal. So how Is large a part of our lives Is Satan?

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Other than In movies, he can be seen n TV shows like Reaper and Supernatural, he can be read in books like The Mysterious Stranger and Fallen. The multitude of ideas from a Satan with a suave attitude, to one of complete brute force. He permeates almost all facets of our lives. So why is he portrayed as old and powerful by the writers of today? He is old because It shows that he has been with humanity since Its very Inception, as outlined by Genesis in some translations, he is assumed to be the snake in the Garden of use free will for good or evil. Satan is portrayed that way in modern times to provide reason for human fault and blunder.


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