SAM Biology M Essay

DNA are the chemical unit for genetic information in most organisms. – DNA are informational macromolecules that are used to store hereditary information that determines functional and structural characteristics of organisms. – In eukaryote, the linear DNA is found primarily in the nucleus of cells. – In prokaryote (e. G. Bacteria), there is one circular loop of double-stranded DNA in cytoplasm. General Structure of DNA The structure of DNA as a double helix made up of a sequence of complementary bases Joined by weak bonds.

The bases are attached to a sugar phosphate backbone A DNA molecule is made up of subunits / monomers called DNA nucleotides. – There are 2 types of DNA nucleotides, pureness and pyridine’s. – Pureness are double ringed structure: Adenine and Guanine. Pyridine’s are single ringed structures:

It is a single stranded molecule. It can be found in nucleus as well as cytoplasm. There are three types of RNA: Mrs., tarn, and RNA The RNA molecule is made up of repeating units or the building blocks called RNA nucleotides. – Each nucleotide is made up tot three components 0 A ribose sugar 0 A phosphate group 0 A nitrogenous base (either A, U, C, G) The RNA molecules are single polypeptide strands that contain about 80 nucleotides (tarn) to more than 5000 nucleotides (Mrs.). Pentose Sugar Difference between DNA & RNA DNA molecules are double stranded while RNA molecules are single stranded.

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