Sabse Pehle Bharat Sample Essay

India is the 7th largest state in the universe where one million millions of people speak 100s of linguistic communications and follow tonss of faiths and 1000s of their sub-castes. This sounds great and we feel really proud of its civilization. history and civilisation. It has been 63 old ages since our fatherland broke the bonds and unchained herself from the colonial presence. These 63 old ages were non easy. Every twenty-four hours. every twelvemonth has been a narrative of grim difficult work and doggedness of each and every Indian seeking to carve out a niche for their fatherland in the international platform. India has emerged as IT giant in the past old ages lending important gross portion to the Indian authorities. Alternatively of going dependant on trade goods and exports. we invested in scientific discipline and engineering and in our greatest resource-the Indian people. And the universe sees the consequences – from the supercomputers we build. to the Indian flag that we put on the Moon. India has besides emerged as an instruction and medical hub in recent old ages.

We have the largest figure of Science alumnuss in our state. India now plays a major function in universe trade and commercialism and advocates the public assistance of developing states. Alternatively of stealing into famishment. we launched a Green Revolution that fed 1000000s. Indians are playing a important function in universe political relations excessively. Today. when about every state. including world’s world power United States and many other European economic powers are staggering under worst economic crisis. India is one of the least affected states over the universe by the economic meltdown and is successful in keeping a fast growing rate. India can play a major function in assisting the universe economic system to last this crisis. With its highest GDP growing rate after China. Indian economic system is predicted to go the world’s 4th largest economic system in 2020 and we can believe of India to be a developed state.

The whole universe is looking towards India as an emerging world power because with its ample resources and natural wealth. India can make miracles on the Earth. From the above facts. it is clear that India is first-SAB SE PAHLE BHARAT. This slogan itself fills our bosom with new hopes. new dreams. advanced thoughts. aroma of peace and an olfactory property of true fraternity. In the yesteryear. our state was thought to be a land of merely elephants and serpents. poorness and hungriness. But now every state wants to come in in coaction with us merely because they have realised that it is non possible to transport frontward the procedure of universe development without India. Our state has approximately 2. 4 % of the world’s entire land

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country with approximately 16 % of the world’s population. Above all. we have the largest young person population in the universe. which is our most valuable plus. In India. out of 1-billion population. 700 million are under 35years of age which is about 3 times the entire population of America. Now we can understand why people think that India could be the following world power. . The full universe is eyeing India as a beginning of proficient work force. They are looking at our young person as a beginning of endowments at low costs for their future ace net incomes. We have a immense endowment pool of young person in India who hope for a universe free of poorness. unemployment. inequality and development of adult male by adult male. a universe free of favoritism on the evidences of race. coloring material. linguistic communication and gender. a universe full of originative challenges and chances to suppress them. One of the greatest revolutions of Indian history is taking topographic point right now- the Youth Revolution.

This revolution is being engineered by the moral force. immature. vibrant. extremely energetic and enthusiastic Indian young person for the improvement of our state. India’s bosom has ever focussed on its small towns – 70 per centum of the people live at that place. The developed India should be a web of comfortable small towns empowered by the assorted connectivities: physical every bit good as practical. telemedicine. tele-education and e-commerce. In this manner there will be rearward encephalon drain or return of endowment to its original spring. Young person is the most critical human resource of the state on whom the present and hereafter of the state depend. The bud of the nation’s hereafter finds a fragrant blooming in the custodies of its young person. Development of a strong state demands youth possessing strong will power. never-say-die finding and enormous grit. Youth are the existent sculpturers of the state and Swami Vivekananda justly called the young person as “The Real Power of the Nation. ” “Ignited heads of the immature are the most powerful resource on the Earth. above the Earth and under the Earth” – therefore says our former President Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.

The International Year of Youth is from 12 Aug 2010 to 11 Aug 2011. The twelvemonth aims to advance the ideals of peace. regard for human rights and solidarity across coevalss. civilizations. faiths and civilisations. This clip International Year of Youth is observed under the subject “Dialogue and Mutual Understanding. ” Imagine a twelvemonth when everyone from all sectors of society can prosecute in duologue about issues impacting immature people. a twelvemonth when we all listen with regard and speak with self-respect. The International Year of Youth provides this chance. This is our twelvemonth to happen. and define. and to do our voices heard. The universe is confronting many. frequently overlapping. crises including fiscal. security. environmental and other socio-economic challenges impeding

the accomplishment of the internationally recognized millenary development ends. Investing in and partnering with young person is the key to turn toing these challenges in a sustainable mode. The young person should turn to the major factors suppressing the growing of modern India like Terrorism. Corruptness and Communal Disparities. They should be really argus-eyed to pinch the immorality in the bud. The young person are the human dynamo and depot of infinite energy. They are the 1s who are the pride of the state. They are the alteration directors. It is the young person which brings awards to the state.

If we can tackle this human dynamo of the state in the right way. the state can make untold highs. All we need is to direct the energy of our young person in constructive channels that lead to development and advancement. The originative potency of the younger coevals coupled with their ardor. enthusiasm. energy and versatility can work admirations for the state. We need to authorise our young person so that they can do a better tomorrow. India can go a developed state merely if everyone contributes to the best of his or her capacity and ability. Young person is entirely experimental and with the full use of the endowments of the Youth. India will go a complete State. Let us trust for the same.


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